Perks Every Job Seeker is Looking For


In today’s world with technology controlling the majority of what everyone does and how people live their day-to-day lives, it’s no wonder that technology plays a huge role in how a business operates. The same can be said for potential employees and what they want and expect from a company. More and more people are seeking out employment but the needs your candidate has won’t be the same as a candidate from ten years ago. 

If you want to gain valuable employees who will work hard for your company and not race off toward another company then it’s time to think about what employees need and want in today’s technological world. Check out the following perks every job seeker is looking for.


Whether inflation, parenthood, or college is on your candidate’s mind, flexibility will likely be at the forethought. Most people have the internet at home and a laptop or computer they can access when needed. Offering a hybrid workplace model could be a huge perk for a potential employee. 

Why would a hybrid model be important to an employee? Offering an environment that allows employees to feel trusted and valued, will foster a healthy workplace culture. People love the flexibility that comes with this type of work model, and not having to be in the office every single day to do one’s job can be a huge boost, not only mentally, but productively. 

Saving on a commute and taking the morning at a slower pace can lower stress, and as long as your employees can handle remote management and get their work done, then you’ll have a good reason to offer this model as a permanent way to work. People are invested in company’s that want to promote a healthy work-life balance and offer flexibility. 


Having a job that takes care of its employees is something that many workers seek out. Health insurance is expensive, especially if your candidate has a family. If your company provides health insurance at a reasonable price, you’ll be offering a wonderful perk for your employee. 

Not only is health insurance a benefit many employees want and need, but offering a retirement plan, educational benefits, and bonuses are all excellent incentives for people to want to apply and invest in your company. Focusing on growing with the company and offering assistance with the school will be a great motivator for employees to want to advance in careers. Some candidates may not have the resources to go back to school or pay for a trades class. If an employee can get the funds from your company to educate themselves, and feel support, then chances are, they will be invested in your business and want to grow. 

The same can be said about awarding financial bonuses. When an employee produces quality work and effort, reinforcing them with a financial bonus will help the work to continue because you’ll be showing your employee how you value them.

When you care about your employees and invest in them, they will want to stay and be productive. 


The work environment is a huge contender for candidates when it comes to finding a place to work. You better believe potential employees are looking at company reviews and previous comments from former employees on what kind of job they may be walking into. If your company prides itself on fostering a healthy, happy, and positive environment, then you’ll likely gain more applicants and have a higher probability of keeping employees. 

People don’t want to work in a place that fosters negativity and feels toxic. Promote your company environment and do a tour for your candidate to meet and greet the people in your company. If they seem like a good fit for the role, let them see the type of place they will be working in. 

These days candidates seeking a job are looking for more than a regular paycheck. If you’re a business that offers a flexible schedule, company benefits, and a positive work environment, then you’ll have the tools on hand needed for drawing in potential candidates who will want to stay.


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