Top Marketing Careers to Choose From After Earning a Degree in Marketing


Choosing a career can be confusing due to the availability of various options. Nowadays, marketing is one of the top-pursued degrees, and the world of marketing has a versatile landscape in terms of career options. These options suit individuals with diverse interests and aims while also having excellent earning potential. Marketing helps individuals develop diverse skills that can fit well in various industries. Thus, it won’t be wrong to call marketing degrees a universal one because every business requires help in generating awareness and revenue. So, we can say that getting a degree in marketing opens various career avenues for individuals.

In this article, we have shared the top marketing careers to choose from after getting a marketing degree.

Top Jobs to Get After Earning a Marketing Degree

Most marketing professions usually focus on the following fields:

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Analytics and Data
  • Copywriting and Social Media
  • Public Relations
  • Fundraising

Some of the top-ranking career options in the marketing field include the following:

  1. Marketing Assistant

Professional marketing firms and seasoned marketing experts usually hire fresh graduates to assist them in administrative tasks. Marketing assistants usually assist in writing marketing communications. They also assist in developing and executing different marketing strategies. Moreover, they may also be asked to coordinate service or product promotions besides campaigns and events. In some organizations, marketing assistants also help enhance the firm’s digital presence by promoting their social media. While these jobs may not seem challenging enough at the moment for a recent graduate, they can serve as a gateway to more responsible marketing careers.

  1. Sales Representative or Sales Manager

If you have a marketing degree or a General Master of Business Administration Degree, you can also become a sales representative or a sales manager. The primary goal of marketing is to improve sales and generate more revenue. Sales jobs serve as an excellent foundation for other marketing careers later in life. For example, a sales representative should have excellent communication skills to persuade people to buy their services or products. Their verbal and presentational skills should be top-notch if they want to pitch compelling sales ideas. Moreover, they should learn to assess consumer preferences to modify their sales pitches accordingly. Usually, sales representatives can climb to the seat of a sales manager if they master the art of pitch-and-sell.

  1. Public Relations Specialist

Since marketing is expected to grow as a field in the coming years, it brings more career options, such as public relations specialists. The public relations department focuses on helping clients maintain a particular reputation with the public. Typically, a firm or employer may ask the public relations specialist to write public announcements and press releases. These are written to engage the media to promote a service, product, or client. They may also be involved in press conferences, so excellent public speaking and event planning skills will be required.

  1. Social Media Manager or Digital Marketer

Probably the most common career choice after getting a marketing degree is becoming a digital marketer or social media manager. Social media managers are responsible for handling all social media forums for a business, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. While their primary focus should be on the tech aspects of the job, they should also have basic creative writing skills. These skills are essential for creating content for social media forums to grab audience attention.

  1. Copywriter

Another common career path for people earning marketing degrees is becoming a copywriter. In short, a copywriter is expected to write clear and compact ad copies, website copies, marketing material copies, etc. They are basically responsible for everything content-related, from print to social media. Their job may also expect them to write content for brochures to explain their services or products. Moreover, they may also write newsletters and annual reports to highlight an organization’s vision and performance. Besides, basic knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) is a bonus point for copywriters.

  1. Event Planner

We attend events every other day, ranging from weddings to corporate dinners. Ever wondered who organizes those? The answer is event planners who have marketing degrees or relevant experience. So, if you have recently acquired a marketing degree, it may be a promising career choice. As an event planner, you can organize alumni reunions, weddings, sports competitions, professional conferences, promotional events, and corporate gatherings. An event planner foresees the target audience’s preferences and plans an event accordingly. In order to learn the audience’s needs and requirements, event planners require strong interpersonal skills. Moreover, they may need to learn about a particular industry to execute the theme properly.

  1. Media Planner

If you are comfortable with quantitative thinking and interested in learning about different media, becoming a media planner may be the right career path for you. Media planners are responsible for identifying the best media platforms for a company or brand for advertising. They study the brand’s target audience’s online behaviors and browsing patterns to plan a strategy accordingly. They run tests and surveys to draw data and use that data to determine the most beneficial media platform for a particular brand to attract the most users. Media planners typically work in advertising and media planning agencies to help businesses maximize the impact of ad campaigns through different media.

  1. Brand Manager

You can also become a brand manager after earning a degree in marketing. Brand managers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of marketing a service or a product. It includes everything from market research to product development to advertising campaigns. In order to fulfill this role, individuals must have highly developed analytical skills. Moreover, they must be able to carry out research related to a product and evaluate consumer trends.

The Final Verdict

Getting a degree in marketing is becoming popular day by day due to the endless opportunities available in the marketing field. This article has discussed the top marketing careers that anyone with a marketing degree can choose from. These careers not only provide plenty of room for growing your skills, but they also have excellent earning potential. So, choose a career path that resonates with your personality and degree to achieve optimum success.

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