5 Reasons to Visit Western Australia


Western Australian region has so much beauty and adventure to offer to those who like to explore the beauty of nature. If you’re choosing your next destination and can’t quite pick where to go, this list will help show some of the most stunning places in Western Australia that are worth visiting.

Explore the blooming city of Perth

No Australian capital has changed in recent decades as much as Perth did. The city is blooming in its full potential and it’s never been a better time to give it a visit. Thanks to a mining boom, Perth is doing better than ever flaunting the products of its hard work with breathtakingly tall skyscrapers, fancy restaurants, hip boutiques, and buzzing nightlife. Set on the banks of Swan River and looking out on to the beautiful ocean, this city has so much beauty to be explored and discovered.

Some of the most famous Perth attractions involve Kings Park and Botanic Garden where you get to admire over 1,200 species of native plants as well as plenty of wildflowers that grow in the spring. The Kings’ Park War Memorial is definitely worth a visit as well.

When it comes to museums, the art gallery of Western Australia and Scitech are definitely on the top of the list. Passionate gamers can also experience playing some of their favourite video games form the 80s at The Nostalgia Box museum. Other than museums and parks, this city is also great to explore for its picturesque views, Rottnest Island, the port city of Fremantle, and other beautiful spots.

Visit Broome for its stunning red cliffs and diverse museums

Another Australian city that’s thriving and attracting many tourists from all around the world is Broome, one of the most popular Western Australian destinations. The town has a lot to offer but one of the main attractions of this town would be Cable Beach. Surrounded by stunning red cliffs, this beach stretches on for about 22 kilometres and is covered with sweeping white sand and clear turquoise water. One of the most popular activities on this spot is sunset camel rides.

On top of that, Broome is also Australia’s pearling capital where you can get to learn a lot about history at their Broome Historical Museum. Some other spots you should definitely visit are the Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Wildlife Park, Sun Pictures, a quirky outdoor movie theatre, as well as some of the famous local pearl farms. Broome is also known for the natural phenomenon referred to as the Staircase to the Moon. When the full moon forms above the city and rises over the bay it’s the most beautiful sight. Locals and tourists get to witness the most breathtakingly beautiful view of the moon as it shines above the gleaming water.

If you visit Broome you should also visit the Horizontal Waterfall, Cape Leveque, the Gibb River Road, Purnululu National Park, and Mitchell Falls.

Get swept off your feet by the stunning Margaret River region

Margaret River is known as a home to many gourmet restaurants and galleries, which makes it a perfect travel destination for those who love to go on relaxing holidays but also enjoy some adventurous surfing time. This dreamy destination lies in the state’s south west and it takes about 3.5 hours of a car ride to get there from Perth. This makes it a great weekend getaway for those who are in close vicinity of it. Surfers love this place for its huge wave breaks and over 40 amazing surfer spots they can explore every time they visit.

The beautiful scenery of this region covered with tall timber forests and shining white sand beaches surely catches everyone’s attention and mesmerises tourists from all over the world. The area is also worth visiting for its limestone caves such as Jewel Cave, Lake Cave, and Mammoth Cave. If you’re a fan of exploring marine wildlife, this is a perfect destination for you. This is where you can get to go on the most adventurous whale watching in Western Australia and see some of the most majestic sea creatures up close.

Get close to the majestic marine life of Ningaloo Reef Marine Park

This UNESCO World Heritage site is the most exciting to visit for its largest blooming fringing reef. The Ningaloo Reef Marine Park stretches on for about 260km and is a home to a rich and diverse marine life. The best part is that it’s easily accessible from the shore. Some of the wildlife creatures that you can get to see here are dugongs, manta rays, whale sharks, turtles, humpback whales, and many other species of both fish and coral.

If you’re into snorkelling, this place offers a beautiful Turquoise Bay where you can dive in and explore the beauty of the ocean wildlife.

Go on an exciting Cruise on a Jet Boat through the Horizontal Falls

Lastly, we have an adventurous cruise on a Jet Boat in the Horizontal Falls. One of the most popular activities in the Kimberley region is viewing the majestic Horizontal Falls from a jet boat. This is where powerful tides of about 11 metres rush through two narrow gorges and form a quite curious and phenomenal natural occurrence.

The only way you can truly appreciate this view is if you go on an organised tour either by jet boat or seaplane. Tours start from Broome or derby and from that point you go on a scenic flight over the breathtakingly beautiful Buccaneer peninsula, a huge red cliff-fringed coast that shines with its turquoise waters and tiny islands that surround the coast.


In conclusion, whether you like to relax by the beach or go on adventurous tours of marine life exploring, Western Australia has it all and is definitely worth visiting.

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