Maintaining Health When You Work an Office Job


If you work in an office, chances are you sit at a desk and have long periods working in front of a computer. Although many office jobs can end the day with you feeling mentally exhausted, physically your health may be taking a toll. Maintaining your health improves the quality of your life, and if you’re setting your health aside, then you could be suffering some major and painful consequences.

Mindful Habits

When you work in an office, you spend a large majority of the time behind your desk. Whether you start your day by checking email, wrapping up reports, or making phone calls, it can be easy to lose track of time and get lost in the task at hand. The problem with this is when you’re not taking care of your body at the same time, you can easily create brain fog, deal with muscle pain, and start the cycle over the following day. Of course, this becomes a problem when you spend years stuck in bad habits. Luckily, including a couple of things in your routine, can boost and maintain your health. By simply taking a probiotic food supplement and drinking water, you’ll already be giving your body a huge support in health.

How can two small changes make such a difference? Implementing a probiotic alone aids in gut health, curbs digestive issues. When you add drinking plenty of water to the routine, you garner better mental clarity, rejuvenate your skin, and detoxify your body. With just a couple of small changes in habits, you can reap a large reward for your health.

Physical Movement

Working behind a desk for a full day year in and year out can cause physical problems with your body. You may be wondering why your back has been achy, or why your fingers feel stiff and hurt. Unfortunately, if you aren’t finding ways to include movement in your daily routine, your body will suffer. Lack of movement creates stiff joints and pain. Not only can you deal with physical pain, but you can cause your brain to fight mental fog, which in turn, can make working difficult. Productivity happens when you can think clearly and make the choices you need to for completing tasks efficiently. If you aren’t treating your body with care, it will start to deteriorate.

Fortunately, a few minor changes can make a huge difference in aiding in keeping you healthy. Think of the thing you do most in the office. Are you typing frequently? Arthritis and stiff joints are common issues for workers who type for hours on end. You can avoid this by doing hand and finger stretches before starting your day. It may seem silly, but the movement can prevent your hands from locking up and your fingers from feeling stiff. Think about your posture when you sit and adjust it. Good posture prevents back pain. Taking a walk and getting fresh air can do wonders for your mental clarity and help keep your mind sharp.

Preventing Burnout

Overwork is an epidemic. If you don’t treat yourself with care, then you are putting yourself at risk for burnout. Many people work long office hours with little to no breaks and after a time, functioning becomes near impossible. Your body needs time away to recharge, sleep, and eat. Ignoring your basic needs can cause a huge issue for you down the road, and once burnout sets in it can take days, months, or even years to recover from. 

Preventing burnout comes with being mindful of your time. When you work, make sure you’re taking your breaks. Get some fresh air and walk, or clear your mind. When you’re home, make sure you’re sleeping and not staying up too late. Lack of sleep can cause exhaustion and mental fatigue. Most importantly, make sure you are remembering to fuel your body. Don’t skip that lunch break. 

Staying healthy can seem like a mundane topic, but the benefits to your body and job are worth paying attention to. Remember it only takes a few small changes to keep you your healthy best. 

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