5 Tips For a Smooth Cross-Country Move


Moving across the country can be very exciting as there is a lot to look forward to, including the journey and the final destination. However, a cross-country move is different from other types of moves. There is a lot of upfront work that should be done to make a move seamless. But this does not mean it’s impossible. As long as you plan well, you will experience no difficulties.

Carry What You Need and Leave the Rest

When moving across the country, the total weight you carry, also known as the total shipment weight, significantly impacts how much you need to pay. If the cumulative weight of your belongings is high, you will pay more.

Therefore, it’s essential to take your time to sort through your luggage and eliminate items that you will no longer use so you can take fewer boxes and reduce the weight. Moreover, you will have less clutter in your new house.

It’s tricky to prepare for a cross-country move, especially when packing. For instance, you may pack some things in a moving truck or your vehicle when moving locally but realize they are forbidden for transport by cross-country moving companies. Consult with the moving company to get a list of things you shouldn’t pack. And in same cases people need to move more than one vehicle, so check out vehicle shipping company near me to find solutions.

Create A Moving Checklist and Follow It

Whether you will be moving from coast to coast or from one state to a neighboring one, you will still have numerous tasks waiting for you to complete. You may feel overwhelmed about these tasks and may find yourself not knowing where to start.

The only way you can gain complete control of your time is to make a list of pre-move chores. Don’t waste your time on unnecessary things. You should set a daily or weekly checklist and personalize it with prioritized move-related duties.

Hire A Cross-Country Moving Company

Many people moving from one state are often faced with the dilemma of hiring cross-country movers or doing it themselves. A cross-country move is long-distance; for instance, moving from New York to Los Angeles is about 2800 miles, and the only way you and your family can move without problems is by hiring a moving company to help you.

If you have vehicles, you may be wondering how you can ship a car across country. The same way you need a moving company to help with your household stuff is the same way you will need an auto transport company to ship your cars. Having people do it for you makes your cross country move easier as you will have less to think about.

Compare Different Moving Companies

It’s a bad idea to move across the country by yourself because of the long-distance and increased costs. Moreover, the extra mileage may introduce some risks. When faced with a complicated cross-country move, the best option is to get experienced cross-country movers to provide you with their services.

However, another dilemma is which company to choose. It’s challenging to know which cross-country distance moving company is right for you, and that’s why you should do a comparative analysis of different companies in your area. Once you explore the available options according to the cost and additional services, you will make an informed decision.

As you compare the cost estimates, you should also read the reviews of these companies to check if the movers are reputable according to their customers. After finding which moving company has the best reviews, pick the one which best fits your budget and is likely to fulfill your expectations.

Decide Whether to Move with Your Furniture

Moving with your furniture is problematic because it will add to the total weight and the total cost of the move. The cheapest way to move cross country is to leave your furniture behind. Unless you own antique furniture worth lots of money, it’s much cheaper to leave most of the furniture behind and buy others.

You don’t even need to discard furniture in this digital age. You can sell your pieces online and make some good money to add when buying other furniture. You can also give them out to goodwill.


Moving across the country is a tricky thing that requires lots of planning. With this checklist, you will prepare accordingly for the relocation challenges you may face ahead.

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