The 5 Main Types of Business Loans Explained


A small business loan can be an excellent option for a small business owner who needs cash. However, there are many different kinds of small business loans.

It is crucial to carry out your research before starting any loan application process to ensure you pick the right type. It would be best to identify the need for the loan first, as small business loans are often geared to specific needs.

You need clear objectives for the loan. It would help to create a solid plan. You can then determine the amount of money you will need to achieve the goals. It would also be essential to think about the loan repayment period.

It is best to understand how the different loans work to choose the best option for your business. Some of the most popular loan types include:

Term Loans

Term loans are cash amounts that you repay over a fixed term. Short-term loans can be the best solution if you have an urgent need for cash. You can have your application approved even within 24 hours.

However, the amount given can be less than the other loan types. You may also be required to pay off the loan quickly. It is best to give expert advice to understand how do business loans work first.

There are fixed monthly payments and will include interest on the principal balance. It is easier to qualify for short-term loans with an excellent credit score. You may be required to secure the loan with some collateral.

SBA Loans

Small business administration loans are an excellent option for businesses in need of low-cost government-backed loans. The SBA aims to assist small disadvantaged businesses with a hard time sourcing financing.

Nonetheless, the loans can have a lengthy application process that can lead to delays in funding. The SBA is not the lender. However, it guarantees a large part of the loan reducing the lenders’ risk. The lender is, therefore, more willing to approve the request.

SBA loans are a great option if you do not need the money urgently within a short period. You will benefit from low-interest rates and fees.

Merchant Cash Advance

When it comes to the merchant cash advance, you borrow the financing needed against your future earnings. You will repay the cash advance with a daily portion of your credit card sales. You can also compensate with transfers from your bank account weekly.

The loans are often approved speedily, even within 24 hours. However, the interest rates associated with such loans are usually high.

Equipment Financing

An equipment finance loan is designed to help you finance large equipment purchases if you lack the capital. You can quickly access the funds to buy equipment to help your business meet its needs. The loan can be approved in 24 hours.

The loan has low-interest rates making it a popular option for many. It is also easier to qualify for equipment financing. You can still be eligible for the loan despite a low credit score. You only have to prove a steady income. The equipment bought also serves as the collateral for the financing. The loan amount also depends on the type of equipment you intend to purchase.

Commercial Mortgage

Commercial mortgages, also known as commercial real estate loans, can be critical in financing your business’s new or existing property. The loans function similarly to term loans and can also refinance an existing loan.

Choosing a small business loan from the many available options can be challenging. It would be best to take your time to evaluate your business needs to choose the right one for your business. You can also reach out to an expert for guidance on the best financing option for you.

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