4 Challenges People Face During Immigration


Let’s be honest. No one leaves their home country because everything is going too well there. Most migrants choose to go to another country to avoid war, death, famine, and a dark future for their children. Even though small parts of the general population live in places of high risk, the last few years showed us that the world is changing. 

There are so many examples of people who were desperate to save themselves, such as the case of Syria or Afghanistan peoples. And it seems that no country has an established policy for handling this issue by including the migrants. 

There are a lot of challenges people face during immigration. But there are some countries where it’s easy to immigrate to too. Of course, you need to go through an immigration process, but you have a higher chance to build a better future.

1. The Language Barrier 

One of the biggest challenges people face when they move abroad is the language barrier. Most migrants come from countries where English or French is not their mother tongue. Many of them come from countries where the educational system is not so well built. Moreover, some countries forbid girls to go to school, thus depriving them of their right to education. 

So, this is one of the challenges that many encounters when they move to another country. This is something that applies to everyone, especially if you go to a country where English is the mother tongue. Any student would say the same. It is one of the immigration issues that might lead to a cascade of consequences. And it is worth knowing in advance which are the challenges you will need to overcome. 

2. Different Cultures 

Another immigration problem resides in cultural differences. Every country has its culture. Even though countries from the same region might share some cultural similarities, this is not enough to solve the challenge migrants need to face. 

Because of the communication barrier, many people do not come to understand the migrants ever. Even though they have different habits and perspectives, they are humans. There is a spread of fake news and myths about migrants that might make locals avoid them. 

3. Getting an Education 

Many people migrate because they want a better future for their families, and especially for their children. The right to education is a universal right, yet many people are deprived of it. Being accepted to a school or kindergarten as a migrant might be one of the challenges that lie ahead. 

However, there are many countries such as Germany, New Zealand, Czechia, Spain, and Australia where inclusion is done easily. Even as a student you might encounter some challenges. Writing an essay or conducting the research might need to be written in the local language.

4. Healthcare 

Access to healthcare is different from country to country. However, as a migrant who does not know the local language so well, access to healthcare might be troublesome. There are so many things immigrants consider before going to the doctor. 

For example, some countries have strict deportation rules, and going to the doctor might uncover them. Others fear that the doctor will not understand them, as they have limited knowledge about the local language. At the same time, financial issues might be the main reasons many immigrants have poor access to healthcare. Some of them fear they will be discriminated against, so they decide to bear the pain at home. 

Ending Note 

Some people leave their native country because they want to build a career in a specific domain. Others because they want to avoid famine and war. Or because they want a better future for their children. Either way, moving abroad is a decision that comes with a lot of challenges. 

As an immigrant, you are probably looking for a nice country to live in, where the educational and political systems are well established. Besides the challenges people face during immigration mentioned above, there may be other barriers too. Even though they seem insurmountable, you can adapt and prove your worth anywhere.

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