Can Your Office Affect Your Mood?


If you’re experiencing mood changes, you may wonder if your office or work environment has anything to do with it. The truth is that many things can affect your mood, from the food you eat to the clothes you wear. Your work environment and circumstances can also affect your mood. Here are some of the elements in your workplace that can play a role in how you feel.

The Lighting

One element of your office environment that can affect your mood is the lighting. According to the CDC, the color of light can change your mood, energy levels, and circadian rhythm. White light is the best type of light for a positive mood and energy. A dimly lit office environment can cause you to become unusually tired during your shift. Certain LED lighting can affect your energy levels as well. Take note of how the lighting in your office is and try to give yourself access to better lighting if possible.

The Furniture

The level of physical comfort you have in your office can play a role in your mental health, too. For example, you’re much more likely to become irritable or frustrated if you have to sit in an uncomfortable chair in a cubicle than you would if you sit in ergonomically enhanced seating for eight hours a day. Standing for long periods without a break can impact your mood as well. You might even become resentful if you don’t have an opportunity to sit down and relax for some time.

The Color Theme

Something as simple as the color theme at your office can affect your mood negatively or positively. A University of Georgia study showed that 80 percent of participants reacted positively to colors such as yellow, green, and blue. Grayish colors received the highest level of negative responses. You’ll need to have bright colors for a home office and get as much exposure to the sun as possible during your breaks.

The Cleanliness

Do you notice that a dirty environment makes you feel stressed and frazzled, but a clean one fills you with calm and creativity? Keeping your office clean and tidy can help you feel better about your work and produce things you’re proud of.

As you can see, your office environment can have a tremendous effect on your mental health, even if you do many things to keep yourself in good spirits when you’re away from work. Be mindful of the elements that can affect you and try to make adjustments where such is possible. Unnecessary stress can cause you to seek unhealthy ways of stress relief, like drinking too much. When you have an office you love being in, you’re free to create your best work. 

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