How to Encourage Your Employees to Stay Healthy and Active


If you are the owner of a company, then you will want to make sure that your employees are happy and healthy. They should work for 8 hours without feeling exhausted or needing a break. This is where health programs come into play. We have compiled some tips below that can help encourage your employees to stay active and healthy while working at your company.

Provide a Healthy Lunch

You would be amazed at how much money you can save on your company’s health insurance plan by providing healthy lunches for your employees every day. The reason is that if no food is provided, they are likely to go out for lunch with their friends, resulting in them eating foods that are not very healthy. This ends up causing more health problems and requiring the company to pay even more for medical bills.

Host Monthly Fun Runs

If it is possible for you to host monthly fun runs every month, then this will encourage your employees to participate. If staff members do not want to participate, have them volunteer as judges, something similar to feel like they are an essential part of the team. You can also incentivize this by awarding trophies to the top three finishers on each company team.

Organize Weekly Yoga Classes

Yoga is an excellent way for employees to keep active during work hours, but it has many other benefits. These include improving muscle strength and flexibility, reducing back pain, helping with weight loss, improving cardiovascular health, and preventing injuries. The best thing about yoga is that you do not need any special equipment or facilities to partake in it. All you need is some open space with enough room for yoga mats.

Host Workout Challenges

There are many different types of challenges that you can host at your company, including boot camp competitions, running competitions, and weight loss challenges. Each time you host a

new challenge, organizers must be chosen, rules must be laid out, and prizes must be awarded to the winners. This will encourage your employees to stay healthy while at work. You can also hire onsite injury prevention services to come to your office and teach your employees how to stretch their muscles to prevent injuries on the job.

Buy Your Employees a Piece of Exercise Equipment

If there is room in your office, you should consider buying one or more pieces of exercise equipment. This could be anything from a sit-up bench to a treadmill. If employees have their piece of equipment they can use in the privacy of their office, they will likely take advantage of it and feel less embarrassed about being active during work hours. This could ultimately result in them becoming healthier.

Encouraging your employees to be active is a great way to improve their health, provide them with benefits in the long run, and also save money on your company’s insurance plan in the future.

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