4 Ways to Take Advantage of Community Support in Your Business


Businesses everywhere are having to put out many fires today. They are facing the consequences of a pandemic, inflation and potentially low employment rates. In fact, there are many businesses who say that they are struggling with even getting workers to come in through the door. This creates a lot of problems for employers everywhere, so they’re looking for ways that they can get the help they need in a more effective way. Not only might a business be in trouble, but they could be facing the fact that they might need to be shutting the doors and get rid of their employees. This is a serious matter.

However, if a business owner looks hard enough, they can find the help they need in all sorts of places. If that’s you, look no further than the people in your very own community. Many small businesses think that they have to go to investors or banks in order to get on their feet again or find the help that they need, but aid can truly come from your neighbors in your community. Here are four ways to utilize the help in your own community today.

1. Look to the Chamber of Congress

Most communities have a chamber of congress that is specifically designed to help small businesses in their community. Of course, you can always think a bit higher and aim for the entire nation’s chamber of congress, which is currently overseen by Suzanne Clark. However, if you’re trying to get help a bit quicker and a bit more locally, consider your city’s chamber of congress. Chambers of congress help small businesses by networking them with other local businesses in their communities that can help them with ideas, finances and resources. It could also help with your marketing and send actual customers to your place of business. Much of the knowledge and resources you need for your business could be found if you simply make an appointment with your local chamber of congress and go in to see how they can help you.

2. Do Local Crowdfunding

This is actually a way that most business owners are not aware of. It truly pays off to become a little more tech-savvy and understand some amusing platforms and resources that are available to businesses online. Crowdfunding is where you post on a certain platform online that you need help with a particular cause. If you can find the right people that are in your community and share the same passions you have for your business, you might be able to get some donations from your community. If you’re not after monetary donations for your business through crowdfunding, you can at least make some connections with important people who can help you see that your business survives and thrives. There are many crowdfunding platforms available online, and if you want to create another avenue for your business and see the potential that could come from it, consider doing crowdfunding to raise some awareness about your business.

3. Ask for Help on Social Media

Again, technology is a powerful thing! Never underestimate the power of social media for your business. If you can learn how to build a successful social media page that has support from your community, you can have resources and people available at your fingertips. Using social media platforms, you can raise awareness about your business and get the help that you need from your community. Most businesses are followed by the customers in their local community, and they’ll definitely take an interest in what you have going on if you simply share it more effectively on your page. There are even paid advertising options on many social media platforms that allow you to pay a small amount of money to show your content to the people specifically in your community. So, if you’re trying to get the word out quicker about your cause for your business, try paid advertising.

4. Be Part of Local Events

Most of the time, communities will have events going on that you should strive to be a part of. Local events, such as business get-togethers or events for the consumers in your area to come and be a part of could prove to be very beneficial in getting support from your community. For example, some cities have Christmas malls during the holidays that allow businesses to come and set up booths to sell their products to the community. This doesn’t only give you an opportunity to make a little more money for your business, but it also allows you to create awareness about your business so that you can get some more customers in the future. Take advantage of the community events you have going on.

These are some easy ways for a business to get support and help from its community. Go out and explore what options are available to you today!

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