4 Benefits of CPR Training for Your Business


According to the American Heart Association, more than 300 000 cases of cardiopulmonary arrest happen outside United States hospitals annually. These emergencies can take place anywhere, including public institutions and business premises. An ultimate business asset is indisputably its workers. Hence, employers should do everything in their power to create a serene working environment. Though having an efficient human resource (HR) will definitely create a conducive work environment. Funding cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training for employees is just as valuable. There are many benefits to availing CPR training your employees, including:

1. Employees Feel Valued

Workers made to feel important by their employers tend to give their all to a business than those who feel undervalued. According to Business Insider, under-appreciation is one of the major causes of employees seeking to resign from their jobs. Luckily, there are a lot of ways through which business owner can show their employees they are valued. The most effective method is making the health and wellbeing of the workers the main concern. By bringing onboard CPR training for employees, an enterprise shows that it values the wellbeing of its staff. Apart from the staff feeling respected and valued, the business also greatly benefits from being proactive regarding CPR training. For example, the business will earn a good reputation among its customers, stakeholders, and public members for its firsthand approach to corporate responsibility.

2. Patients Recover Faster

The sooner the CPR is applied after cardiopulmonary arrest sets in, the better the odds of recovery. If someone receives CPR straightaway after suffering a heart attack, odds of survival rise exponentially, while the toll the shock takes on the victim is considerably lowered. The longer a victim continues to be in cardiopulmonary arrest, the higher the odds of permanent damage to a crucial organ. For a person to remain alive, oxygenated blood has to be dispersed through the body. Roughly four minutes after the blood flow has ceased, the brain can get damaged. Permanent damage can result when the brain has not been circulated with blood for more than seven minutes. CPR has to be done within four minutes to improve the chances of a cardio arrest victim surviving. Having employees who are well-versed with CPR makes this possible.

3. Fewer Workplace Accidents

The main benefit of learning CPR is the notable decrease in workplace accidents. When workers undertake CPR training, they are armed with crucial knowledge, which makes them more safety-conscious. The risen level of safety awareness brings about greater respect for health and safety. In addition, workers also learn about the potential reasons for heart attacks and their long-haul effect on someone. The CPR training is meant to educate and not instill fear; however, the automatic response is to dodge such conditions no matter what.

4. CPR Skills Can Be Used Anywhere

CPR training will never be limited to the business environment. Training workers to carry out CPR and use an automated external defibrillator (AED) empowers them with a skill, which can be utilized irrespective of where an individual finds themselves in life. When they commence a CPR course, they also study many other critical techniques, including dealing with burns, cuts, bites, and fractures. All these skills come in handy when an emergency arises at home, school, or work. When a worker shows no appreciation in acquiring these skills, they will unquestionably be happy they got them once an emergency strikes. CPR skills are not limited to certain jurisdictions; hence, they can be utilized anywhere in the globe, thus making it a very crucial skill to possess for workers globetrotting for business or vacation. Luckily, penetration of the internet has made things easier when getting your staff trained for CPR procedures or even taking online CPR renewal classes. These classes can be taught to your staff online, and hence there is a minimal distraction with your organization’s daily routine.


Bosses who overlook providing CPR training to their workers carelessly create more challenges for their organizations. The training ensures that the organization’s medical emergencies are done effectively and efficiently, but it also aligns with the federal guiding principles. Coaching workers can be the difference between life and death, plus it also indicates that workers’ well-being is treasured above profits.

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