4 Essential Software Tools for Your Remote Business


Working from home or a remote location is the new norm for business owners both large and small. Of course, adapting your entire business model to suit the needs of your employees and the latest government guidelines has meant that many businesses have continued to be operated remotely, successfully trading watercooler chat for IMs and swapping important client meetings for productive Zoom calls instead.

The benefits of remote working have been widely reported, from business owners saving money on traditional running costs to pulling high quality candidates from a global talent pool, it’s clear that running a business remotely and successfully, is possible – but only when the right tools or software are in place.

Running a business remotely comes with its own set of challenges and to conduct business efficiently and drive business success forward, technology and certain software applications have proven to be invaluable for remote business owners. Let’s explore 4 of these essential software tools for remote businesses below.  

Accounting Software

The way businesses complete their tax records and file returns is changing. Today, businesses are required to file digital returns via software approved by HMRC. You can find out more information on Making Tax Digital, here. While the initial idea may seem daunting to new business owners, especially those who work remotely, the right accounting software recognised by HMRC ensures your business remains fully compliant, saving you precious time, effort and helping remote business owners keep on top of their tax records without a filing cabinet in sight. The automation of your bookkeeping and your tax records eliminates human error and keeps your business aligned with MTD (Making Tax Digital) requirements, making submissions effortless, no matter where you might be based.

Collaboration Tools

Businesses might be working remotely, but employees are still expected to work efficiently and collaboratively to keep your enterprise moving. Collaboration tools such as Slack, Trello and Asana can keep your remote teams working in unison and driving productivity on an upward trend through instant messaging, project management platforms and organisational tools that keep everyone connected.

Document Management Tools

Storing and sharing documents within remote teams can be challenging, especially when remote business owners are conscious of security and efficiency. This is where document management tools and cloud storage software become invaluable. Relying on complicated email threads or even USBs and sharing data via questionable channels can leave your business susceptible to a major data breach, making cloud storage and document management tools essential for this new era of remote working. Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox Business and others are easy to use and can give remote business owners peace of mind.

Digital Asset Management Software (DAM)

They say a business is only as strong as its branding and without consistently adhering to your brand guidelines, you’ll find it difficult to build trust amongst your client base and attract customers to your brand. When you’re running a business remotely, it’s all too easy for these brand guidelines to become blurred, and your remote employees may find it difficult to advocate a brand they’re not entirely familiar with. 

This is where digital asset management software comes in. DAM software is a remote tool where businesses can store all their digital assets such as logos, fonts, sales materials, videos, images, graphics and more. Utilising smart software applications means your employees will be able to find the files they need quickly and have instant access to the latest versions ensuring your brand and its message is strong and everyone is reading from the same page.

Running a business remotely certainly comes with its own set of unique challenges. But with the right approach and software tools in place, your remote business can succeed. Consider the tools above to keep your business moving forward. 

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