How To Set Your Business Apart In 2022


Most of us are grateful to see the last two years in the rear-view mirror. That’s extra true for small businesses seeing opportunities for a fresh start in 2022. Many entrepreneurs are at a loss, though, when it comes to what changes they can make to make their business stand out. Here are five strategies for building a unique brand in the coming year. 

1. Get High-Powered Digital Infrastructure

Cyberspace is where business is done these days. Whether that means online financial transactions, remote work, or an entirely virtual storefront, having the best digital infrastructure can keep you ahead of the competition. With so much data being stored in the cloud, upgrading your Google cloud infrastructure is one timely idea. So is investing in high-speed broadband telecom systems like 5G. This can help power the VoIP tools like Skype that are so critical for networking in a connected world. 

2. Have a Web Page Designed for Success

Studies show that only about two-thirds of businesses even have a website. Those that do often choose a simple template design, thinking a website is just a conduit for communication. That view is the first impression that many customers will have of your business! Design your website with science in mind. Certain layouts conform better to the natural scanning pattern of the human eye, such as the “F-pattern” common to well-designed blogs. The use of color psychology is also important. Some colors, such as black and purple, actually leave a subconscious impression of authority. Building your brand iconography itself around these science-backed rules should be a priority as you engineer an immersive web presence for your customers.

3. Generate Relevant Social Media Content

According to Statista research, by 2022, 92.1% of marketers in companies larger than 100 employees are expected to utilize social media for marketing purposes. It’s no surprise since that’s where their target audience likes to communicate. The good news is that social media has now become so diversified that niche markets now have their preferred channels. Pinterest for homemakers, Ello for artists, LinkedIn for B2B communication, TikTok for Generation Z influencers…each caters to an identifiable subculture. It’s not enough to be engaging, though; you have to be reliable. Update your content on a regular and constant basis to keep things fresh, and use visual platforms to showcase your offerings as well as your company’s vision and lifestyle. 

4. Provide Outstanding Customer Service

Doing your marketing primarily online has another advantage. That’s the chance to offer world-class customer service for a minimum outlay of resources. The same channels you use to advertise can be used to connect one-on-one through direct messaging. That’s a very useful thing, considering that recent research shows that 86% of customers prefer live operators to chatbots.

Note that the replacement for this lackluster service doesn’t have to be social media. SMS-based customer service (and marketing) is a powerful option as well since most people keep their phones on them and message opening rates top 95% according to multiple studies. Tailor your outreach to both your audience’s desires and your strengths. 

5. Develop a Reputation for Quality

Possibly the best way to leave a memorable impression in the minds of customers is to have a laser focus on quality. A groundbreaking study by FirstInsight found that consumers consider quality over price by 53% to 38% when making a purchasing decision. It can be tempting to cut the price of supplies and inventory to save money, but that can be the beginning of a downward spiral. Whether your offering is a physical product or a service, strive to be the best at it, or at least the most authentic.

The latter especially matters in niche marketing, in which a certain community is looking for a supplier of goods that gives them the best version of whatever matters to them. In short, making an impression is all about creating the perception of value. 

Building a company that stands out in a crowded market is more important than ever. Keep these strategies in mind to brand your company in a way that everyone will remember.

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