Why You Need an AdWords Consultant Who “Gets” What You Do


Digital marketers have evolved into a bit of an enigma in recent times, having gained a bit of an ungrounded reputation as being able to do anything. The problem with this is that it creates unrealistically high expectations, and when these people, who are generally good at what they do by anyone’s standards, deliver anything less than superhuman results, companies become disappointed. Where did this crazy reputation come from, and why does everyone want AdWords management services?

A market as wide as the internet

The internet is a giant, competitive place, and you are always in constant competition with every other brand in your field. There are many types of campaigns under the larger banner of digital ads, and if you don’t know the difference between display ads, search, and remarketing, and can’t tell shopping from a video campaign, it may be time to call in the experts. Because the options for your campaign are so wide, it can be challenging to narrow it down to the best platform for your brand – and this is not a challenge to be taken lightly!

No substitute for experience

Your AdWords consultant must have enough experience in the field that you want to launch your campaign into. Although someone might have received excellent training, there is no substitute for experience. You need to double-check that the AdWords Consultant is experienced in the type of campaign you want to launch. There are a few things you could chat to a potential hire about, to see how far their knowledge and experience stretch. This is valid for individuals and companies alike.

Find out as much as you can about the exact individual is who will be dealing with your campaign, and ask for further details on their domain experience. You can also ask to see their certification. Make sure you see the breakdown of how costs are divided on their quote. You need to know what percentage of the cost is going towards actual labor fees, and how much the company charges in management costs. You are not breaking any boundaries if you ask for a detailed breakdown of the quote, and check for additional costs or padding while you’re at it!

Find out whether the agency will allow you to access your digital account, and what the conditions are if the contract had to end or be terminated. Also, determine upfront how often you will be expecting feedback and reports, and make sure that you are clear about what the reporting parameters are.

Hands-on over automated, every time

Although the search engines through which paid searches are run make it as simple as possible to do, there is still no substitute for experience and attention to detail that can only come with the real human touch. Automated strategy will never show the insights or understanding that a real human mind is capable of. There is a definite school of thinking around automating a campaign and letting it do its own thing, but the preferred view is that technology is a tool and not the solution.

The value of investing in the services of an AdWords consultant should be becoming abundantly clear by now. What brand or business owner wouldn’t want to exponentially increase their online exposure right now?

Keep communications open

In your interviewing process, always discuss what results they project to see or bring about within a given period, and then define that period in writing. Of course, no one is a fortune teller, but having a projected average in writing can be more motivating to the consultant than up-in-the-air discussions. An agency with a proven track record will be able to show you what past clients’ results have been, and use models of existing contracts to help you navigate yours. Picking a professional that you truly like and trust will give you results in the long term and over a shorter period, but you need to pick your team wisely. PPC advertising can be expensive, so making sure that your budget is spent profitably is crucial. Going with a supplier with a good track record is a great way of ensuring the best results.

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