Mobile Businesses You Can Run Without an Office


While the predictability of an office setting is enjoyable for some people, other individuals prefer to be out and about as much as possible. If you’re someone who prefers to be mobile, it’s a good idea to find a career that allows you to be on the go whenever possible. With portable tools and mobile technology, you can easily make this dream become a reality. Here are a few ideas for mobile businesses that you may not have thought about.

Phone Repair

A broken phone can be a big and stressful problem. Unfortunately, breaking a phone is fairly easy to do. That’s why you can expect great returns when you set up a portable phone repair business. By making your business mobile, you can go to your customers and fix their phones on-site so that they don’t have to take time out of their day to have their phones fixed. Just be sure to take the time to train yourself on all types of phones so that you don’t run into a problem that you can’t solve.

Auto Detailing

Another great way to make someone’s day better is to detail their car wherever their car happens to be parked. Thanks to miniaturized pressure washing equipment, it’s easy to totally transform the appearance of a car in just a few hours. Cleaning the upholstery along with the nooks and crannies can give cars a whole new look. You can also add deodorizing services, like NuVinAir, to give your customer a complete package so that their vehicle has a “like-new” appearance and smell.

Food Trucks

One of the most popular types of mobile businesses is a food truck. If you can find the right location, you can easily attract dozens or even hundreds of hungry customers, allowing you to rake in a lot of cash. Some people use a food truck as a way to build capital to open a brick-and-mortar restaurant, while other people use their food trucks permanently.


It’s hard to turn down a good massage. Since most individuals are at their most stressed when they’re at work, it makes sense to go to them with mobile massage services. You can either utilize a large van to provide a relaxing space for your massage services or utilize mobile equipment to go into the office buildings so that you’re easier to find. In any event, you’ll be rewarded with many thankful workers who are happy to take some time out from their day to escape from the stresses of work.

Do Your Research

Before you start a mobile business, it’s a good idea to do some market research. Make sure that you’re branching out into a field where you won’t have too many competitors so that you can get a lot of interest without having to lower your prices. If you pick the right field, a mobile business can be a truly lucrative career.

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