How to Throw an Epic Company Christmas Party


With Halloween in the rearview mirror, the holidays will be here before you know it. If you have been charged with planning your company Christmas party, now is the time to get started. Here are five tips to help you to plan an epic company Christmas party that nobody will forget.

Narrow Down the Details

The first step in planning a great holiday party for your organization is to narrow down the details. Be sure to give everyone plenty of advanced notice so that they can get the event on their calendars. Some companies have made the move to host the Christmas party after the holidays. This makes it less likely that people will have scheduling conflicts.

If you are looking for a more casual affair, you can also consider holding your company party over the lunch hour during the workday. Not only will this reduce costs, but it will also not interfere with personal obligations and family commitments.

Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme for your party will provide you with a guiding framework as you go through the planning process. If you are going with a formal affair, good ideas include a casino night or a murder mystery party. For something less formal, try an ugly sweater theme or some sort of competition.

Once you have your theme set, it will be easier for the rest of the details to fall into place. You can use your theme to help to guide decisions about decorations, invitations, food and drink, and entertainment. Informing your guests of the theme ahead of time will create excitement and anticipation surrounding the event.

Set Up a Photo Booth

Photo booths are all the rage these days and this is no different when it comes to corporate parties. Your employees will love the opportunity to get goofy with their colleagues and take some candid photos. These photos also provide a fun keepsake of the party.

In order to set up a photo booth, you will need a backdrop as well as a variety of props. You can also easily find a portable mirror photo booth for sale online, making it a breeze to set up your picture area. You do not need to hire a professional photographer to capture the best moments of your event if you have the appropriate equipment and props on hand.

Food and Drink Options

One of the biggest decisions that will need to be made about your party surrounds the food and drink offerings. If you have a sizable budget to work with, you will likely want to go with a formal plated meal. Buffets are a better choice if you are looking for a more casual vibe. Bringing in a box lunch may be appropriate if you are hosting a luncheon at the office.

Some managers also choose to limit alcohol consumption at the company party. Providing employees with a specified number of drink tickets will keep your own costs in check while also potentially avoiding embarrassing mishaps. Creating a specialty cocktail for the event will add to the festivity while also allowing you to control how boozy it is.

Make it Festive and Fun

It is easy to fall into the trap of planning a ho-hum company holiday party. You can break out of the mold of a stodgy party by purposely choosing activities that are fun and festive. For many members of your team, this may be the only time that they have to get loose and get to know their fellow colleagues outside of the traditional office setting. If you have remote colleagues who are joining via a conferencing platform why not try a virtual cooking workshop? Perhaps incorporate some Christmas treats into it.

Your employees will appreciate the extra effort that you make to plan games or other activities to help to break the ice. Do not be shy about breaking away from a traditional dinner party. Events that focus on a particular activity are also good ideas. For instance, maybe you want to take your team ice skating for the holiday party? Or perhaps a bowling alley is in your future?

You still have plenty of time to pull off the best company holiday party yet. By following these tips, you will ensure that everyone has a great time and that your team will feel valued during this special season.

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