6 Reasons for Big Companies to Search for Outsource Web Devs


The IT outsourcing market is rapidly growing, and according to Statista, its value reached a whopping 66.5 billion USD. And it’s no wonder: more and more companies resort to outsourcing, and the majority stay satisfied with the results they obtain.

Giants like Google, WhatsApp, Alibaba, and others cooperate with outsourcing providers to cover their needs in IT services and software development. So, you may want to follow the example of these companies. But before asking how to find web developers, let’s look at the main benefits of outsourcing with GBKSOFT, a top software development company.


The biggest perk of outsourcing is, of course, cost-efficiency. Cooperating with an outsourced provider is significantly cheaper than hiring in-house developers. 

Firstly, there are a lot of offshore and nearshore companies ready to cover your development. The cost of living in these countries is usually much lower than in Western, developed countries, hence, it reflects on the cost of services. For example, while American developers will charge you around 50-100 USD per hour, Ukrainian one with the same level of skills will ask for 20-40 USD for the amount of work.

Secondly, you need fewer resources to invest in outsourcing developers than in full-time employees. As for the latter, you need to cover salaries, equipment, other bonuses, etc. You will definitely need at least a few months to recoup the money you invested in hiring a full-time developer. As for outsourcing developers, you need to pay for their services only. 

A big pool of available talents

Outsourcing destinations can offer big labor markets: for example, Ukraine has around 200 thousand developers, and half of them are working in outsourcing. Hence, with outsourcing, you may get access to thousands of specialists with different knowledge levels and different skills. There are thousands of outsourcing developers who are proficient in the most popular web technologies like JavaScript and its frameworks, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, and many others.

Even if you are looking for developers with very narrow expertise, for example, artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry, you will have a wide pool of candidates. 

Fast kickoff

If you need developers right now, outsourcing is a perfect choice. Usually, vendors are ready to start immediately, during a few weeks. Hiring will certainly take more time: your HR department will need to spread the offer, collect and sort CVs, conduct interviews, evaluate the technical skills of the candidate, go through negotiations, etc. Eventually, it may prolong for months, and your company will be stuck at the same point and wasting time when it might be monetized with outsourcing.

Even if you choose outstaffing and still handpicking candidates, it will be much faster than traditional hiring: the vendors will provide you with a list of available developers according to your requirements, their CVs, portfolios, etc., and arrange interviews. With this system, you may even start with a certain developer in a week, if you and your vendor are quick to communicate and negotiate.

Focus on core processes

Another benefit of outsourcing is delegated or shared responsibility. Any software development project demands a lot of planning, management, and involvement from all stakeholders. Ideally, if you initiate software development in-house, you need to assign a project manager, and your inner resources would be spent on solutions, problem-solving, and all other things that usually accompany any large, time-demanding project. 

On the other hand, when you hire an outsourcing dedicated team, you relieve yourself from a huge part of work, responsibilities, and worries. The vendor will take care of the whole step of development, from research and planning to deployment and further maintenance. If there is any issue, it will be a task for the outsourced team to find a solution and present it to the client. 

In such a position, you will be able to keep your attention on other matters that can’t be delegated or outsourced. 

Better expertise

Outsourcing is a great opportunity to cooperate with skilled, seasoned developers that can bring a lot to your project. Typically, developers that work in the outsourcing business, have a wide experience with different types of projects and industries. You can leverage this knowledge and get high-quality development from the start.

Moreover, some outsourcing vendors tend to focus on specific industries, for example, some cooperate with healthcare providers only, some prefer to work on projects for the real estate niche. If you come to the company with proven experience in your industry, you can have a partner who understands your sphere, can contribute valuable insights, and needs less time to get to the bottom of the market and industry context. 

Of course, you can always try to find and hire in-house developers with the same knowledge and assemble a team, but through outsourcing, you will get already an experienced and synchronized crew.

Developers on-demand

What if you need a developer for a minimal time? Or what if your plans change, and you can’t provide any scope of work for the developers? Your efforts invested in hiring will be in vain. 

Outsourcing can optimize this process, because, again, you are paying only for the negotiated amount of work and time that is usually estimated beforehand by the vendor. You may involve outsourced developers to cover small tasks and get a decent result. If suddenly you need their involvement for longer, it can be always discussed and arranged, but it will definitely take less effort, worries, and idle time to accommodate such chances than with in-house developers.

In Conclusion

Web development outsourcing is a great opportunity that every business needs to at least consider. Outsourcing helps companies to optimize their expenses, processes and even improve productivity and reduce time-to-market. 

A reliable outsourcing vendor can become your long-time partner who can help you grow, enter new markets and stay competitive among other businesses.

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