Starting a small business in the beauty industry in 2021 – how to start?


It is quite easy to get interested in the beauty industry, to the extent of submerging yourself in different companies, ingredients, styles, ethics, and many more. Considering that this retail industry packs $98 billion in the US, it is worth exploring as an ambitious and aspiring entrepreneur. Be it retail or service, or combined, the industry has a lot to offer and many niches that need more workforce, from hair salons to nail polish retailers. This article will cover a short recommendation list for starting a different popular small business in the beauty industry in 2021.

Pick your niche – the most crucial advice we can give. That is the hardest, with the beauty industry being so wide and inclusive. You will, however, choose your interests and acquired set of skills (it is kind of careless to start a nail business if you don’t know how to do nails and have a certain professional certification to verify your assets). 

Make-up artist (MUA)

You have certainly seen and are following at least make-up artists on Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok. MUA’s, aside from their love for makeup, colour, and fashion, need a significant amount of training. Here, the portfolio you are building is the one that will keep your clients coming. This portfolio should be filled with different styles, for different occasions and have a strong social media presence. Don’t forget to make a short video aside from taking photos!

The freelance hair salon technician

Completing your education, followed by a period spent in a hair salon polishing your skills, has brought you to a time where your skills need more freedom. Your schedule is packing for a while. You even have regulars and want to organize your time differently. Being a freelancer in the hair industry could bring you the time to learn further, and the spot to earn the money your talent and knowledge deserves. Do not forget that here the name is crucial. Therefore, don’t be afraid to invest in some serious branding.

Freelance aesthetician

Doing the same treatments for years will polish your skills, but the small things you’d like to change in customer care are not allowed? So go freelance and develop the best program for your clients! Protecting your name under a brand and implementing changes may look scary, but make you stand out and bring you the freedom (and success) to be there for your ideal clients.

Freelance brow or lash technician

That is one of the best services that you can do as a small business owner. You will need a studio for client appointments, a brand name that you’ve built on top of your education, and a portfolio of happy clients. The before and after photos are certainly the main strength when working as a brow or lash technician, like the one Lash Blossom does, and the hygiene must never be brought to be in question.

Skincare maker

If you like ingredients, have a degree in chemistry or biology, you are certainly interested in building a skincare brand. Be sure to find the best laboratory to get your ingredients from, and do not forget to display the product usage. It is the same if you are choosing a supplier for the natural ingredients. Aside from lab, be certain to protect your products while you are still making small batches – the legal issues are better dealt with from the start!

Makeup maker

When it comes to makeup development, the biggest partner in this business is the best laboratory. Chemist or not, you need the finest quality backup should any issue happen. The second is to protect your ideas since we unfortunately often see the big players stealing from the small ones. Do not let your ideas go to waste because it seems weird – the tastes are many.

Beauty seller

We have all been there – you want to buy a product from a brand, but there is none in sight! Going to different stores is a downer, and sometimes you can’t do anything but order online. And there are people around you with a similar problem. So what can you do? Become a beauty supply dealer! Contact the brands, and check if they have any programs for franchisers. Maybe you can get all the details and support from them! Don’t be afraid to flock with the big players. You will have the community for any type of support.

Beauty blogger

The last one is to try enjoying and sharing your beauty passion on social media. Even though influencers got big a long time ago, and many are still competing, you do you! Show your difference by simply being you. If that ‘you’ is quirky, or a girl from the next door, there are many who have similar taste. Be creative and show it to everyone – social media is a perfect place for creatives.

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Alison Pearson is an interior design student. She is a writer and designer, and her ultimate passion is art and architecture. She is also a bibliophile and her favourite book is “The Sound and the Fury” by William Faulkner.

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