Things To See in Colorado


If you want to enjoy the outdoors around good people, Colorado is a great spot for you. Woods, mountain ranges, trails and vibrant towns give the state its charm. There’s something for everyone in Colorado. History buffs can learn about old cowboy tales, scientists can visit different research facilities, art lovers can visit a plethora of museums and athletes can train on the trails.

Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde is a beautiful destination if you like national parks. Spanning a vast region in southwest Colorado, Mesa Verde showcases ancient cliff formations that Pueblos once lived in. If you aren’t afraid of heights, the Mesa Top Loop Road will allow you to look down at the intricate canyons and cuestas along the path.

Arkansas River

Perhaps the most well-known river in the country, the Arkansas River streams through the Rocky Mountains and provides tourists and residents with fun activities. If you’re new to whitewater rafting, there are family-friendly rafting routes that are easy to navigate. If you’re more experienced and want a challenge, there are routes that have sharper drops and require difficult maneuvering.


Boulder, Colorado has so many extravagant features that the town itself is a landmark. The sandstone Flatirons poke up in the foothills and allow for hiking, rock climbing and picnicking. The bustling Pearl Street is Boulder’s downtown, lined with restaurants, stores and plazas that can keep you occupied all day. There’s also a strong sense of community in the city, with leaders such as Steven Rosenblum Boulder making efforts to keep homelessness, drug addiction and other issues at bay.

Toltec Scenic Railroad

There’s an old, narrow railroad that stretches 64 miles between Antonito, Colorado and Chama, New Mexico. This railroad still operates and people can take it across magnificent rural landscapes. You’ll have the option of either riding a parlor car or a coach seat. Osier, the Carson National Forest and the Rio Grande are a few things that you can look at through your window.

Colorado Trail

If you’re a hiker and would like to see as much of Colorado as possible, the Colorado Trail can provide you with more than 500 miles of the state. You’ll see many mountain ranges and waterways as you trek through. There are old Native American trails and mining towns that can give you insight into Colorado’s rich history. If you get tired of walking, there are mountain bikes and horses available for riding.

Mount Evans Scenic Byway

If you’re in Idaho Springs and you feel brave, you can access the highest North American paved road. The Mount Evans Scenic Byway will give you views of pine trees, valleys and the Rocky Mountains. You must be extra careful when you drive, as the guardrails only border some parts of the road. Bighorn sheep, mountain goats and other animals will be grazing below you as you go higher into the sky.

Colorado is ripe with culture, geology and fun adventures. Whether you’re traversing the countryside or enjoying a metropolitan hub, there’s only so much you can do in the Centennial State.

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