5 Technologies Your Business Needs to Consider


Advancements in technology affect every industry, reshaping production processes and changing how businesses interact with consumers. Small business owners are particularly vulnerable to falling behind in technological trends, but there are small, affordable changes that anyone can make to keep their business competitive. Here are just five technologies that your business needs to finish up this year and take you into the next. 

1. 5G Network Architecture

High-speed internet and stable connectivity are the foundation of 5G core technology. For businesses, 5G network architecture means seemingly limitless speed in comparison to previous networks. It has the ability to enhance the capabilities of applications across nearly any industry from basic manufacturing to transportation. The development of 5G is complete, but implementation is still in its infancy. Its greatest contributions to business are:

  • increased storage and connective capacity for more devices over a greater distance;
  • faster data analysis capability;
  • and decreased latency allowing for real-time response.

Businesses will need to start researching applications with optimal performance under 5G. Implementation will mean vast improvements, and the speed at which data is collected will require upgrades in infrastructure, particularly for tech businesses that rely on instantaneous response. 

2. Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Automation technology has become increasingly more prominent in business. In response to issues of labor shortage, many companies are relying heavily on artificial and automated technology to return to operations as usual. Automation presents businesses with a way to save money while taking care of holes in B2C communications.

Some examples of automation technology include email marketing software, chatbots for online customer service, online pricing and quote generators and inventory management. A.I. continues to grow as the demand has steadily increased. It will quickly become more essential.

3. Onboarding Technology for Remote Workers

Working remotely has become increasingly more popular. Decreasing overhead costs and proof of continued productivity have made the practice of hiring remote workers a potential long-term solution for some companies. Job seekers are looking for more opportunities to work remotely, and companies will need to rethink the onboarding process to accommodate potential new hires that don’t live in the immediate areas.  

Onboarding technology varies and is customizable. Companies can create an online experience for orientation that introduces the company and staff with professionalism. This experience can create an entire virtual world and connection for workers that will never step into an office and work directly with other employees. It also presents an opportunity to create a more organized portal system for the entire company.

4. Up to Date Cybersecurity

With the prevalence of the Internet of Things (IoT), companies need to boost their cybersecurity more than ever, and the need will only increase. Cyberattacks have increased exponentially within the last several years, and the connective capabilities of 5G only make networks more susceptible. Small businesses will need to start taking security measures similar to those of large enterprises. A solution that is growing in popularity is the practice of decentralizing data through blocking software. 

5. Social Media Marketing

Advertising opportunities are evolving at a rapid rate, and the use of social media influencers has become the more effective form of internet marketing. The practice is simple; you search for active influencers with a following that reaches your target demographic and offer them incentives to advertise your product or service on their social media pages. Additionally, hire a social media manager to keep your business’s social media pages active. The outreach through social media is increasingly greater than any other marketing source, and the opportunities are endless. You can take advantage of this platform to do anything from staff recruiting to promoting sales and discounts. 

Businesses over the last few years have been catapulted into the digital world more than ever. Sustainable development is becoming an increasingly popular trend, and companies can only keep up if they grow with the appropriate technology. The five technologies on this list are rapidly becoming essential.


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