6 Simple Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website


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If you are running a website, you know there is more to it than having a functioning site. Without traffic to your site, all the trouble you went to creating the site does no good. If you want your site to be more interactive, you need to develop ways to increase the traffic to your site. Here are some of the tips that will help you with this.

Create Quality Content

One of the things that people have debated on over the years is how to write quality content. In the past, people would stuff their articles with keywords in a bid to catch Google’s search engine bots. While this worked for a while, the trend can have your page face dire consequences. Currently, overusing keywords can have your site penalized. Google is interested in content that is relevant to the topic being talked about. Since the top page gets almost 90% of traffic, you need to ensure that your content appears on this page. The best way to go about it is to have quality content.


Whether you have a site that focuses on one topic or your site talks about different things, you realize that there will always be a similar site to yours. For you to stand out, you need to get more people on your site. One way of doing this is through advertisements. With advertising, you need to conduct enough research on your audience. Find out what platforms they visit, and then use them to create the ads. The other thing you might have to remember with these ads is they cost $1 to $2 per ad. There is also a possibility that your users might block out the ads, which reduces the possibility of your ads getting views.

Use Email Marketing

Even though people say this is a strategy that does not work, it has been around for ages and has repeatedly proven to be effective. The one way you can do this is through an email drip campaign. Have your readers sign up to receive your newsletters, then use that information to get emails you can use in your campaign. You can then plan out the emails you send your readers regularly, so they get reminded to read your content. By doing this, you increase the number of people who will keep visiting your site. Your readers might opt out of the emails they get, but you will also get a good number of people coming to your site.

Optimize Your Site

Another way you can ensure you increase traffic to your site is by optimizing it. Many people have a site that can only be viewed on a computer. As such, mobile users, who browse often, cannot view the site. Having a website that can be viewed on multiple devices ensures that more people can interact with your content, increasing traffic to your site.

Improve on the UX Design

You might have quality content, but no one sticks on your site long enough. The reason behind this is, your site is not user-friendly. To help improve on this, work on your user experience design, ensure that the page can be navigated easily, and more people will stay on the site once they get on it. User experience also means that the readers will interact easily with your content without an issue.

Collaborate With Other Sites

While you might get most of your traffic from searches, sometimes it helps if you work with other sites to get more people on your site. One way of doing this is through backlinks. Reach out to sites offering similar content to yours and ask if you can work together. They can link to your content as you do the same to theirs. You can also have guest posts on their site, so more people know about you and will be drawn to your site after reading your post.

People often think that creating relevant content means you will need to spend a lot of money on it. The main thing you need to do is to create relatable content and have more people interact with it. With the tips above, you can do this effortlessly.

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