Moving Into the Future: Modern Tools Real Estate Agents Use to Sell Your House


Real estate companies have moved into the 21st century and are using modern tools to sell homes. During the pandemic, many of these were highlighted as it became necessary to use online methods to sell homes. Today, real estate agents use a mixture of modern tools along with face-to-face meetings and open houses.

The Role of the Real Estate Agent

The need for a real estate agent has not changed in the new century. They are still necessary to facilitate all of the steps required for the sale of your home. Today, it is even easier to find a professional and market your home because of these modern tools available to the agent.

Your real estate agent is responsible for listing your home for sale, marketing your home, and setting up open houses. This process includes creating advertising material and vetting potential buyers. In addition to marketing, the agent sets up home inspections and appraisals and makes sure all documents are ready and signed correctly.

Virtual Reality

During the pandemic, agents often couldn’t show houses in person. While 3D tours and VR (virtual reality) tours were being used by some agents before the pandemic, they came to the forefront as a tool to sell homes. Now that homes can be shown in person again, virtual reality is still used extensively in real estate.

Your agent can showcase your home to far more home buyers using VR over the internet than they could in person. The use of VR exposes your home to thousands of potential buyers who can tour your house without ever leaving their home.

Image Editing

Photos are another way to market a home, but sometimes a photo doesn’t portray the whole story. They don’t show the real beauty of a home’s interior or exterior. Image editing is another tool that realtors can use to enhance the look of a home.

This is not the same as altering a photograph or presenting a false image. Image editing can help bring out the beauty of a home as if you are right there in the home. Editing photos can sharpen the photos and make them look more professional. Poor quality images can send buyers on their way, so making your home’s pictures look as clean and professional as possible is important.

Social Media

Social media is one of the best tools an agent can use to sell your home. With social media, they can advertise and market your home, set up virtual tours, and arrange for in-person showings.

Through the use of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, your real estate agent can show your home to hundreds of potential homebuyers. An agent can engage with prospective buyers and answer all questions easily on their social media pages.

The modern tools that real estate agents use today have become essential in showing homes to as many homebuyers as possible. Tools like 3D tours can show your home virtually. Today, social media is one of the best ways to advertise your home to a broader audience than a sign in the yard or flyers can.

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