Basic Tips for Starting Your Own Charity


Nonprofit organizations are incredibly effective at rallying support and funding to help solve various world issues. Here are some simple tips to follow if you would like to launch your own charity.

Identify a Cause

Finding a cause is the first step to starting a charity. Your cause should be something that deserves more awareness than it is currently getting. It should also be marketable to the public so that potential donors can understand the significance of your mission and the impact that their donations might make on the issue at hand.

Come Up With a Name

The name of your nonprofit should be memorable and unique to get people interested in your company. The name should also clearly and concisely outline the purpose of your nonprofit, leaving nothing up to guesswork. If you are having trouble coming up with a name that meets these criteria, consider crowdsourcing or discussing it with friends and family. Chances are, there is someone out there who can think of a good name for your charity.

Create a Website

After you have identified a cause and a name for your charity, you will need to create a website for it to generate an online footprint. There are countless do-it-yourself platforms with easy-to-use templates so that you can build your site without anyone’s help. However, if you feel that building a website would be too difficult or would take up too much time, hire a company that will build your website for you. Be sure to give website designers some guidance so they can tailor the website to fit your needs.

Your website should feature a contemporary template and a user-friendly interface for an effortless browsing experience. Websites with outdated aesthetics can be incredibly offputting to viewers, especially to members of more recent generations, who tend to be more technologically savvy.

Develop a Social Media Presence

Developing a presence on social media will attract more attention and traffic to your website. Your social media accounts might even attract philanthropists like Donald Friese, who will contribute big-dollar donations to help fund your nonprofit’s various operations.

Companies tend to lean on Facebook and Twitter the most, but Instagram is also a notable platform that is increasing in popularity. Running social media accounts by yourself is free, but as your business grows, you may want to hire people to run these accounts so that you can focus your efforts on big-picture goals for your foundation.

Be sure to link your website’s URL to all of your social media accounts and vice versa so your followers can stay informed of your charity’s activities and events.

Host Fundraisers

An online presence should do some of the heavy lifting when it comes to finding donors for your cause. However, the best and most streamlined way to generate donations to your nonprofit is to host fundraisers. These events should have a notable presence on your website and across all of your social media platforms to increase the number of participants, with steady reminders in the weeks leading up to the big day.

If you would like to launch a nonprofit organization of your own, use these simple yet powerful tips to ensure that your organization runs smoothly.

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