6 Ways to Make Working Away From Home More Manageable


Working away from home has its advantages – it frees you from the 9 to 5 grind, you don’t have to cook your own meals or do your washing, and it allows you to see more of the world and meet new people. Although this sounds good, being away from home can be difficult for some people, and they have to adopt various coping mechanisms to get through it. If you are required to work from home or know someone who is, here are 6 ways to make working from home more manageable.

Stay in a Home from Home

Staying in comfortable, homely accommodation can make your life away from home more bearable. Rather than being stuck in a cramped, dingy hotel room, you could stay in corporate housing. 

Corporate housing is accommodation such as a furnished apartment, house, or condominium that can be used by traveling business people for a period of 30 days or more. Delsuites corporate housing, Toronto, for example, offers condominiums with a floor space of 600-1300 square feet, making them a great alternative to a hotel room which can be small and unsuitable for guests, should your family come to visit.

Take Mementos

Taking photographs from your loved ones to place beside your bed or in your wallet will make you feel closer to those you have left behind. You may even want to take a blanket that smells of your partner or one of your children’s soft toys to cuddle you as you sleep.

Make Travel Convenient

Traveling long distances can be stressful, so if you have to travel for work, ensure you choose the quickest and most convenient mode of transport so that you aren’t traveling at unsocial hours or taking an extended route just to save a few bucks. 

Stay in Touch

Social media, email, and cell phones make staying in touch with loved ones more straightforward than ever. Contacting your loved ones via Skype or FaceTime can really help you feel physically close to them and make your time away less lonely.

Arrange with your family set times to communicate and stick to them religiously – especially when you have young children. They can use the time to tell you about their day and show you their latest piece of artwork. 

Home Comforts

If you take some of your favorite home comforts with you when you travel, you might feel more settled. If you stay in a short-term rental or corporate housing rather than a hotel room, you can take more personal belongings. If you love the coffee from your personal coffee machine, you could take it. Perhaps you love to play video games. If so, take your PlayStation or Xbox with you to fight the boredom on the long, lonely evenings.

Embrace It

If you make the most of your new surroundings by going out to local bars and restaurants and meeting new people, your time away from home can be more enjoyable. Get to know the employees at your workplace and ask them if they would be up for showing you around the neighborhood and helping you settle in.

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