The Importance of Customer Input When Running a Business


You think you have done everything possible to keep your customers happy. You are positive that your customer support team is working to help every customer in the best way possible. But how can you be sure that your customer service works? How do you know if customers are happy with the experience they have with your company?

You will never be able to gather and organize valuable customer data unless you have the proper tools to do so. At least not unless you are receiving direct customer feedback. In order to fully understand your customers, you need to have access to valuable information concerning your business.

Why Do You Need Customer Feedback?

Your customer’s opinion of your business is one of the most important things you need to know. It helps you develop better products, improve your marketing and your operations. Yet, this is an area of business that many business owners overlook. Businesses could miss out on sales or lose customers just because they haven’t taken the time to listen to their customers.

By ensuring your services and products align with your customer’s needs, you can improve your ROI and help you make the right market fit.

When you seek out your customer feedback, you want to get information that helps you:

  • Improve customer engagement
  • Improve your products
  • Get referrals and reviews from customers
  • Evaluate where you can make changes

How Do You Get Feedback?

You don’t need to get face-to-face feedback. You can run surveys, get feedback from your call center, or even get information via email. Here are just a few ways you can get the feedback you need.

  • Call customers regularly and ask via a recording, a live conversation, a text survey.
  • Offer live chat support and ask your customers to answer a few questions at the end of the chat.
  • By monitoring social media channels.
  • By using feedback forms
  • Create an order confirmation page and allow for customers to write their feedback here.
  • Online surveys and polls.

How Can You Sort Valuable Information?

Problems occur when companies ask for feedback but never do anything with the data. So what do you do if this is the case? Analyze the answers of your customers, categorize the responses and share them with employees to make changes. Entity extraction can be a valuable tool to help you organize information obtained from reviews, surveys, and customer support feedback. Utilizing entity extraction software can help you obtain relevant and valuable information without having to manually read through each piece of feedback you receive. Take the time to find a service that can help you select software that will best suit the needs of your business.

Improving customer service is about understanding your customers first. To do that, you need to ask them their opinion on your services. When they have something bad to say, don’t take it personally, instead be thankful for the insight and set the wheels in motion to make changes.

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