Marketing Tactics to Get More Clients for Your Business


Your business’ marketing activities need to be effective yet affordable. Cultivating good marketing tactics can help you grow your revenue significantly. The more revenue you generate, the more you can allocate towards promoting your business. Here are some ways that you can bring in more clientele with strategic outreach.

Consider Bringing in Reinforcements

Outsourcing some marketing functions may be a good idea for business owners. A reputable marketing services provider may be able to devote more time and develop better materials than you could on your own, and they may be able to do it for less than it would cost you to do yourself. Ideally, you should work with a company that has experience serving clients in your particular industry. It will probably have some good insight into creating materials that have a proven history of success.

Create Referral Programs

Your existing customers can be a big help with lead generation. In general, people may be more receptive to forming a relationship with a company when they personally know someone who has already had a positive experience with it. Get more referrals by creating a rewards program for customers who refer people to you. Examples of good bonus incentives are a percentage savings on their next purchase or a credit towards an invoice for a set amount.

Offer an Email Signup Promotion

Email is a highly cost-effective way of reaching out to people who are interested in your business’ products or services. Think about what you could provide as a special offer when people sign up to receive your emails. A special offer for an email signup doesn’t necessarily have to be a sale price or percentage discount. For example, you could give people something that they would value for informational purposes such as an ebook. Staying in people’s inbox could be a good way to keep them as a regular client. If you don’t keep the channels of communication open, your relationship may be limited to just a one-time transaction.

Put Some Time and Effort into Social Media Account Management

Establishing a strong presence on multiple social media platforms is a good way to cast a wide net. Being accessible to prospective clients on their preferred media will help them find you. When you have a well-crafted and well-maintained account page, it shows people that you have the resources to handle their business with ease and you’re likely to be capable of selling your products or services at a competitive price. Also, the way that you depict your company on your accounts can help you project a successful image.

Use Email to Stay Connected to Existing Customers

Letting your current clientele know about what’s happening with sales or company news may be a good way to get them to generate more referrals. They can easily forward an email to some of their professional or personal contacts.

Be Careful About Who You’re Following on Social Media

When linking your social media accounts to those of other individuals or businesses, be careful to steer clear of any accounts that receive negative attention. For example, don’t demonstrate support for controversial interest groups on social media with a business account. Getting the wrong type of attention on Twitter or Facebook could be very damaging to your marketing efforts.

Solicit Followers Strategically

Social media influencers can help you get the attention of desirable clientele. However, just as you need to be selective about who you follow, you need to choose your paid followers discerningly. Try to avoid followers who have a track record of promoting unpopular businesses or products, and avoid anyone who has recently had negative publicity. You want followers that have a fair amount of credibility.

You can see a big boost in your clientele when you enhance your marketing initiatives. In addition to just improving visibility, you need to improve the quality of what you’re showing prospective clients about your company. 

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