Annoying Business Jargon [2021 Study]


Without question, America’s modern workplace brims with jargon. Top management, in particular, can’t seem to hold a meeting without throwing “alignment” or “synergy” at least a few times.


While jargon might feel like a helpful shorthand to get your point across, too much of it can dent your professional image, annoy your colleagues, and often confuse those not privy to these buzzwords.

That’s why MyPerfectResume decided to survey 1,000+ Americans to discover the most annoying jargon terms of 2021 and why employees use them, so we could all grow a little more conscious of our language at work. 

Below is a quick summary of the study’s key findings:

  • Nearly 5 in 10 US workers find business jargon annoying or really annoying.
  • Around 38% of employees feel pressured to use business jargon to fit in or appear competent.
  • Another 41% report excessive use of business jargon leaves them feeling left out and disengaged.
  • The most common party that uses workplace jargon is upper management, as 33% of Americans claimed.

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