How Freshening up the Exterior of Your Business Improves Your Performance


An attractive working environment can motivate employees to do their best work on the job. Taking pride in their workplace boosts morale and lifts people’s spirits. Here are some simple but effective ways to enhance your company’s exterior appearance.

Clean the Parking Area

If your business has its own parking lot, remove any trash or debris. Paint the posts and replace the parking signs. If you have stripes for each parking slot, paint those as well for a fresh look. You may want to add reflectors at the entrance to the parking area. Night-time parking should be illuminated with adequate ground lights or overhead lighting. Make sure the overall effect is neat, tidy, and safe.

Brighten the Entrance

Apply a fresh coat of paint, possibly in a vivid hue, to the door. For glass doors, consider adding a colorful design or a logo decal that is welcoming. You could also install a new door blind as an accent point with shade potential if needed. A decorative chair or small table if space permits helps to draw attention to your entrance and make it stand out with aesthetic appeal that blends with the overall effect of your business entry.

Update the Windows

Instead of buying all new windows for your facility, look into the option of residential window tinting to give your windows a new appearance. Tinting in a subtle color can add elegance to the building’s image while helping to filter harsh sunlight on bright days. Indoor window valances can enhance the outdoor aspect of your windows to coordinate with the interior decor.

Add Greenery

Your company’s overall effect can be heightened by adding strategically-placed greenery. This might include window flower boxes with colorful, seasonal blooms. If space permits, you could plant a dwarf tree near the building. Neat, well-trimmed hedges around the building’s perimeter provide a nice effect of bringing nature into harmony with commerce. Potted plants beside the front entrance or on a few steps leading into the building add a nice touch of color and greenspace.

Evaluate the exterior of your building to determine the affordable changes you can make for a brand new look. For minimal cost and effort, you can improve the entire look of the company, which may attract more attention and bring in new customers. Use your building maintenance budget, or establish one if it doesn’t already exist, to spruce up your facilty’s exterior.

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