How to Enhance The Safety of Your Rented Apartment


As a renter, you could be wondering how you can make your apartment safe. Your landlord has restrictions on the modifications that you can make, but you still want to enhance the security details.

If you are in such a situation, you should not despair. There are a multitude of security systems and options that you can use. You can boost security without getting in trouble with the property owner.

If your apartment is located in a busy city area, you have more reasons to contact a residential locksmith.

They will advise on the best way to boost your security and you can present these findings to your landlord. Below are a few options that you may have depending on your current setup.

Secure The Entry Points

The first thing to do is secure the entry points. These are the first areas that a potential burglar will try to access the apartment from. If they are not successful, they will consider other areas. 

When a locksmith comes to assess the safety of the locks, they will suggest you first secure the entry points. Even when you install cameras inside and outside the house, there is still a risk of a break-in.

One of the most important things to do is get a locksmith to replace the locks. Why is this important? You cannot tell who has access to the existing keys.

You do not want extra keys out there with people you do not know. 

Having new and quality locks, and knowing where your keys are will give you peace of mind.

Install A Security System

Another way to enhance the security of your apartment is by installing a security system. Depending on your requirement and the location of the house, a locksmith will help in figuring out the best.

The advantage is that there are plenty of them to choose from. However, it must be easy to install, and will not go against the restrictions of the apartment owner. 

Remember that you cannot be drilling walls or interfering with wiring without the owner’s permission. 

You must consider the features that come with it as they differ from one manufacturer to the other. The features should match your expectations. 

Consider systems with surveillance cameras, video doorbells, and remote monitoring. With the latter, you can not only monitor your apartment, but you can also control the system.

In case there is an attempted break-in when you are not at home, you can see it on your smartphone.

Secure The Windows

When criminals want to get into your house, they attempt to do so through doors and windows. Securing the doors is not enough. 

Windows can be secured with quality locks or even security bars. There are different types of locks in the market and if not sure about the best, talk to a locksmith.

They will help you choose and even install for you. Regardless of the floor, your apartment is located in, consider window locks. 

If you are on the ground or first floor, consider additional security bars. Although they may not be that appealing, they serve as great deterrents.

Install Bright And Proper Lighting

Burglars are fascinated by darkness. It is easier to complete their mission in such conditions, and you can do something to deter them. 

Besides having an alarm system, the best way to deter them is to ensure proper and bright lighting. Have them installed outside the apartment while on the inside, all bulbs should be working.

Also the stairs and the hallways should be well lit. 

Embrace Technology

In the fast-paced world, there is a requirement to embrace technology. You can receive notifications on your smartphone in regards to your home security. 

A locksmith will install it for you and integrate it with your phone. They come with numerous advantages, especially for apartment renters where the security system is not under their control. 

Whether it is the inside of the house or a door that is accessible from a public area, it will be possible to monitor it.

The technology involves sensors in your entry points. For instance, if they are fixed on the windows or doors, when they interfere, you receive notifications. 

Get Renters Insurance

Did you know you can get renters insurance? It is part of securing your belongings. In case there is a break-in, and you lose your personal belongings, you will be compensated. 

It might not stop a break-in from happening, but you will not have to worry about the losses. The policy covers items such as electronics, jewelry, and furniture.

Depending on the policy, it could also cover damage in case of a disaster, and medical costs in case of an injury. 

If a TV set or coffee table is stolen, you can claim it, and if a visitor is injured during a break-in, their medical bills are covered. 

A policy will complement a security system.

Other General Safety Measures

Even with the best security systems, you must take some general measures. Displaying your valuables will get you in trouble.

As long as your windows are where one can access them, make sure you cover your windows.

When you invest in good locks, but you do not lock and cover the windows, your security efforts will be futile. Your apartment will still be susceptible to burglars.

Final Words

Enhancing the safety of your rented apartment should not be hard despite the constraints the landlord may have put. Some systems and options will work for you.

Doors are the first line of dense but windows should not be ignored either. Criminals will still use them if they cannot use the doors. 

Invest in quality locks for both the doors and windows. If there are existing ones, replace or upgrade them. 

As you work on enhancing the security of your house, think like a criminal. How easy is it to get in? Are the locks easy to manipulate?

If it seems so, then that will be easier access for the burglar, which is not wanted.

To be sure and keep your apartment safe, consult a residential locksmith and let them manage it. 

Taking such measures helps in having a sense of security and safety.

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