Fun and Creative Ways You Can Use Your iPhone


Nowadays an insane number of people own an iPhone. In fact, it’s estimated that there are just 1 billion activate iPhone users around the world. One word: wow.

As an iPhone user, though, you might be unaware of all the fun and creative ways you can use it to your advantage. Sure, browsing social media and taking photos is fun, but here are some other activities for you to try with your iPhone.

Play online slots

Online slot machines are a lot of fun – not to mention they’re super easy to play. Unlike many App Store games, you don’t need to worry about learning complex rules and controls for online slot machines. All you need to do to win is achieve a winning combination of symbols along the pay line – just like you’ve seen in the movies!

So, the next time you’re bored and looking for something to do, you should pull out your iPhone and visit Here, you’ll be able to play as many slots games as you like – and you can even compete for large progressive jackpots. Don’t miss out.

Become a design expert

The App Store is host to hundreds of creative and easy-to-learn design apps that will enable you to become an expert in editing photos, videos, and tons of other materials. Pixelcut is one of the best apps for this.

Through Pixelcut, you can create amazing content through its AI-powered editing tools. For example, you can produce immediate image cut-outs. Let’s say you have a photo of your favorite pair of sneakers, but you don’t like the background. Pixelcut makes it easy to cut your sneakers out of the photo and customize an entirely new background instead.

Create your own online store

Everyone has an inner entrepreneur – and it’s time to unleash yours.

A smart way to do this is through creating your own online store. You can do this through platforms like Shopify. Here, you can customize your own store, set your own prices and sell the kinds of products you’ve dreamt of since you were a kid! And you can do all of this for little to no cost. There’s never been a better time in human history to become an entrepreneur.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to have your own store, you can sell directly through online retailers like eBay and Amazon – whichever you prefer.

Start a YouTube channel

You can create a YouTube channel for free and (as you grow your audience) can potentially make money from it.

Creating a YouTube channel through your iPhone is a great way to have fun and get creative. For example, if you like to travel, you could film travel vlogs through your iPhone and upload them to YouTube the same day. If you’re into arts and crafts, you can make video tutorials for different aged audiences. You have total creative freedom.

Read eBooks

In recent years, eBooks have exploded in popularity. This is largely thanks to the Apple Books app, where iPhone users can gain access to hundreds of thousands of books that they can read digitally. It’s an exciting time to be a book fan, as you no longer have to worry about paying expensive prices for print books – you can simply use the Apple Books app instead.

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