Self Care Quotes For You and Your Team, From Uber-Successful People


Having a positive lifestyle is crucial for reducing stress, boosting confidence, and offering a positive outlook on life. This is not only for yourself, but for your team as well! 

When your team practices a culture of self care, they are inherently more productive. When you lead by practicing self care yourself, well, that takes it to a whole new level.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean being selfish or indifferent to others. Being mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy is necessary if you want to be at your best every day.

When examining what types of self care are applicable to the workplace, we can take a look at what some of the world’s most successful (and busiest) people do. Here we have compiled a collection of self-care tips from incredibly successful personalities, as well as the science behind why they work so well.

Here we go!

We’ve all been hearing a lot about Richard Branson lately! He is a British entrepreneur, the founder of the Virgin Group, one of the first civilians to go to space. One thing he says is that he enjoys every minute of his day by outsourcing anything that he doesn’t like to do.

While this may not be possible for EVERY task, the lesson here is to let people stick in their zone of genius so that they are positively reinforced by positive feedback constantly. When people do what they genuinely love to do, it tends to increase self-confidence AND productivity.

Another great example is from good ole’ Princess Diana. While not a business tycoon, per se, she was a super influential figure and under a lot of pressure constantly. She says that we should constantly be showing those around us how much we care about others AND ourselves. 

When translated into a work environment? Create camaraderie and a positive vibe by constantly lending praise, constructive feedback, meaningful benefits and other things to show your appreciation. Recognize your own great work occasionally to lead by example!

The infographic below from The Derm Review provides more inspiration from successful people. Take these to heart and really think about how you can implement them team-wide to skyrocket productivity, work-life balance and overall satisfaction. 

Remember—you need to fill your own cup before you can give to those outside yourself. Self care is a powerful way to do this. Whenever you self-care, you are feeding your best self so that you can appreciate life’s challenges in an empowered, compassionate, and powerful way.

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