Increase Tradie Productivity with These Four Simple Tips


As tradies, we play a crucial part in keeping Australian society functioning. We do everything, from installing heaters, unblocking sewer lines, and repairing in-home appliances through to hanging pictures, painting and decorating, and fixing fences.

Fortunately, the trades industry here in Australia pays quite well, and the job of tradie can be quite lucrative. Alex Taskun, a plumber based in Sydney, for instance, earns $12,000 a week – and that’s the norm rather than the exception. Nevertheless, there is one caveat: In order to make a lot of money, you’ll have to complete a lot of tasks, which means you’ll have to work long hours (for instance, Taskun works 14-15 hours every day). 

In order to be more productive, you must make the most of every moment you put in. Achieving this can take some experience and mindful planning.

Here are some productivity tips that will help you to create an operation that will revolutionise your business operations and help you optimise your earnings. 

Plan out your days in advance

The key to productivity is planning. Planning ahead provides a clear picture of what your working days will consist of and help you to avoid bottlenecks in your workday.

Start by making an extensive list of your tasks for the day or week, and then prioritising them in order of their importance. Make sure that you note any dependencies and plan accordingly. 

To give yourself a chance to accomplish your least favourable tasks, schedule them first when possible. By doing so, you will get the more difficult tasks finished first and have something easier to work on at the end of the day when you’re running out of steam.

By planning out your days in advance, you’ll be less likely to procrastinate and avoid getting stressed or even giving up on tasks completely at the end of the day.

Make the most of technology where possible

Technology is crucial to staying relevant and competitive in business because software and tech solutions enhance productivity and smooth operations. An article titled ‘The Rise of the Digital Tradie’ details how tech-savvy tradespeople are now using workplace management programs such as cloud computing. Keeping this in mind, do some research and try to identify which tech solutions are most beneficial before utilising those solutions appropriately in your day-to-day operations.

Technology is great at doing quick online research and comparisons.

Place a strict emphasis on safety

Traders need to be extra careful on and off the job, as being injured is not conducive to productivity. The majority of workers know how to protect themselves during a job and on site but may not realise there is a potential for sustaining an injury driving to and from their jobs. You and your employees would benefit from basic training regarding vehicle ergonomics. According to Pain-Free Working, your vehicle seat should be reclined between 100-110 degrees to relieve pressure on your lower back, and your seat should be moved forward a bit so that your back stays firmly on the backrest. Taking simple steps such as this will reduce the chance that you’ll develop a back condition that causes long-term discomfort. You should also wear the proper personal protective equipment whenever you are at work. As discussed in the past blog titled ‘5 Essential Tradies Safety Tips’, other safety tips that can be applied are practicing appropriate manual handling techniques, assuming that construction sites are never off the clock, and taking frequent breaks in between tasks. Maintaining safe work practices will reduce the likelihood you will sustain an injury and help you avoid missing workdays. 

Whenever possible, outsource

The more business picks up, the more difficult it is to handle everything by yourself. Hence, outsourcing is a necessity! During a big project, for instance, you can hire other tradies to help with the job. This may seem like an extra expense, but it can give you better results and help you win more clients. It may also be prudent to outsource repetitive administrative tasks, such as compiling accounts or sending out client invoices, so that your time is better spent on revenue-earning activities. You can also outsource the long process of comparing tradies insurance quotes by going to online comparison sites so you get the best price for the level of protection you need.

Complete one task at a time

It’s a little-known fact that multitasking can be a productivity killer. Switching from one task to another can create a mental block that leads to reduced efficiency and throughput. As such, you should refrain from trying to do too many things at once and instead focus on one task at a time. This will enable you to give each job your full attention and help maximize your productivity.

There are plenty of lucrative opportunities on the table for tradies in Australia, and it is one of the most in-demand occupations. However, the competition out there is fierce, and the lack of barriers to entry makes the job of tradie a popular choice. To make the most of the opportunities that are available, you need to be as productive as possible. Optimising your time will help you to secure more clients and significantly enhance your earnings. 

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