How Outsourcing Contributes to Business Sustainability


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Businesses have to make good use of the tools and technology available today. They have opened more opportunities for professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide. Along with the introduction of innovations in business is the rise of outsourcing, which has become a significant factor in business growth and survival.

Outsourcing is a massive market, reaching $92.5 billion in revenue before the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the industries that outsource the most is financial companies, with 71% of financial service executives outsourcing their services. This number proves how outsourcing finance and accounting (F&A) contributes to business sustainability.

F&A is not the easiest job out there. It involves meticulous work, knowledge of laws and requirements,

and accuracy. These responsibilities should only be entrusted to experts. Fortunately, businesses today can outsource these tasks. Through outsourcing, companies can gain countless benefits:

Global Talent

With outsourcing, your business now has access to experts in certain fields all over the world. This diversity of talent has a lot to contribute to the company, may it be skills, experience, or improved efficiency. They also offer unique insights that help your company grow.

However, the global reach also means that you need to offer flexibility to outsourced employees. Employers need to consider the difference in time zones. Some companies provide flexible work schedules or output-based arrangements to deal with the time difference.

Outsourcing allows flexibility for businesses as well. Aside from taking on administrative or other smaller tasks, outsourcing gives you more room to find the best services that fit your company so you can work on your business’s core functions.

Outsourcing providers and freelancers are experienced in their field because of the variety of clients they face and the years they have put in to improve their skills. Therefore, they can easily adapt to your needs while offering you their expertise.

Focus on the Things That Matter

Business owners have to deal with every aspect of the company. Finances, logistics, customer service—you name it, and they have it on their endless list of tasks. They can get caught up in these little tasks, leaving no time for other responsibilities that matter, such as business sustainability.

In-house teams benefit from outsourcing as well. A survey found that 15% of small businesses outsource to lessen the time spent by employees on other tasks. Like business owners, employees can focus more on their primary tasks rather than juggling multiple things at once.

Having fewer tasks in their workload also decreases the chances of burnout while increasing their productivity. Freeing up employees’ workload can lead to happier employees resulting in a lot more benefits for the company.

In the bigger picture, outsourcing helps both the business owner and the employees. When both parties can function well without being distracted by the smaller tasks, the company can put more effort into its growth.


Small businesses outsource to increase their efficiency. Considering the skills, experience, and focus brought about by outsourcing, this benefit is not surprising at all. The skills and expertise of outsourced employees make accomplishing specific business functions faster and more efficient.

Consider a small business owner doing finances and accounting on their own but doesn’t know much about accounting, policies, due dates, and other requirements because it’s not their field of expertise. They might end up spending more time figuring out what to do and fixing mistakes when they could have worked with an expert to do this for them and exerted efforts on expanding the business instead.

Outsourcing helps companies manage their time better. It helps accomplish goals without sacrificing valuable time and effort so that business owners can focus on their future better.

More Resources for Growth

Companies often look towards outsourcing because it’s cost-effective. Outsourcing employees differ in wages compared to on-site workers, but it’s not just that.

If you choose to outsource to freelancers who are practically self-employed and work remotely, they already have their own tools, such as laptops and software, to perform their jobs. They also pay for their benefits and other expenses needed for work; hence, the company doesn’t need to fund equipment and other tools but instead allocate their budget towards projects, expansion, investments, etc.

Outsourcing also allows a company to scale. It can achieve business goals faster with the help of diverse talents within its teams. As the company grows, it can adapt better and remain consistent.

The Takeaway

Delegating tasks is crucial when running a business. Owners cannot do everything all at once, and employees should not have to deal with an enormous amount of workload always. Choosing to outsource tasks lifts the burden of the small stuff that tends to be time-consuming.

By doing so, the company can be more efficient as it brings talented experts from all over the world into the team. Outsourcing enables businesses to put more effort into sustainability. As they become more efficient, they achieve goals faster.

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