Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor on a Regular Basis


Finances tend to be a tough topic for most people to talk about — many times because we’re unsure what we should be asking or discussing. A financial advisor can help guide you through this process, but once you’ve found the advisor that fits your needs, it’s important to meet together regularly to review your goals and plans. 

When you meet with your advisor, coming prepared with questions will help you get the most of your meeting and your money. Look through the following questions to help you determine what you should ask your advisor in your next meeting. 

Am I on Track to Hitting My Goals? 

While no one really wants to hear that they aren’t on track to hitting goals, it’s important to find out early on so you can make adjustments to your course of action. If you are on track, you can always open the discussion up to what you can do to hit your goals quicker. 

Don’t get too discouraged if you aren’t right on track. Your advisor can help you see why and what you can change to get there. Also keep in mind that the money world always experiences fluctuations to a certain degree, particularly when it comes to investing. 

What Aspect of My Finances Should I Focus on More? 

Because life is constantly changing, it’s a good idea to ask your advisor what you should be focusing on for the time of life you’re in. Their answer typically won’t be the same when you’re in your early twenties compared to when you’re hitting your late fifties. 

Can You Explain This Concept for Me? 

Most of us aren’t financial experts. Despite this, you can still learn financial concepts and become financially literate. This may not eliminate your need for an advisor, but it can help you make more informed decisions. 

By gaining basic knowledge (or more advanced knowledge, depending on your current understanding), you’ll also feel more confident in your financial choices and create a stronger trust with your financial advisor. 

How Can I Prepare for Taxes

It’s easy to get into the mindset of thinking about taxes only at the beginning of the year. Because of this, you may miss opportunities to minimize your taxes throughout the year. Whether you meet with or call your advisor monthly, quarterly, or yearly, make sure to have a conversation about what you can do to minimize the amount of taxes you’ll have to pay when tax season rolls around. As these CFOs are very well aware of government policies.

Finding a financial advisor that meets your needs and understands your goals can be difficult, but knowing what questions to ask on a regular basis once you’ve found that person can also be a stressful experience.  If you’re still looking for a financial advisor, you can check here for a trusted option.

More often than not, your advisor will be able to answer questions you didn’t know you had and keep you informed about the progress of your finances. However, it’s always a good idea to keep track of your progress on your own and think of questions you can ask that will develop a stronger relationship with your advisor and increase your money knowledge.

Look through the following visual to see other questions to ask your financial advisor

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