How to Properly Clean the Flooring for Your Production Plant


Whether you have a food processing plant, automobile manufacturing facility, or any other type of production facility, making sure the flooring stays clean is of the utmost importance. Along with having a sanitary area, clean floors will also greatly reduce the chances of workers and others slipping and falling, which can lead to serious injuries. Should you be seeking tips on how to properly clean your production plant’s floors, here are some methods you can incorporate into your maintenance routine.

Steam Cleaning

In almost any type of production plant, steam cleaning can be an extremely effective way to keep flooring clean. Able to sanitize the floor’s surface, a steam cleaner can also be a key component in helping to loosen soil and grease from a floor’s surface, helping to reduce the amount of mopping and scrubbing that often needs to be done on these cleaning jobs.

Foam Generator

If you think foam cannot effectively clean your production plant’s flooring, think again. In fact, foam is becoming a more popular method of floor cleaning within many industrial facilities. Using highly-concentrated solutions, you can use foam to cling to the floor’s surface, prevent rapid drying and runoff, and allow it to stay on the floor longer than traditional chemicals, which will get the floor cleaner without damaging the tile or concrete.

Dry Mopping

After having gotten a flooring upgrade from Archway Brick and Tile, you want to keep your floor looking as good as new. Should your production plant be one where dust is one of the primary concerns, dry mopping using microfiber mops can be an effective way to keep dust particles under control. While microfiber mops often cost more than traditional mops, they tend to last longer and are better at picking up more dust particles.

High Pressure Washing

Should your production plant be one where grease, dirt, and grime build up regularly on the flooring, one of the best cleaning methods available to you will be high pressure washing. Since either hot or cold water can be used for this, it is a convenient way to get your plant’s floor looking good in a short period of time. If you choose this option, make sure you have appropriate drainage so that the dirty water can run off easily and not leave puddles nearby.

No matter which of these methods will work best for your plant’s flooring, you will soon find yourself having a floor that looks great, is safe and secure to walk on, and will stand the test of time.

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