5 Tips for Improving Your Health and Getting in Shape


All of us likely have goals we want to reach when it comes to our health. Some of us are looking for ways to make dietary changes while others need to incorporate an exercise program into our daily routine. Depending on any health conditions you have, you may have to develop a customized diet plan that will help you avoid certain allergens or foods that have a negative effect on your body.

If you’re looking for practical ways to improve your overall health and get in shape, try these helpful suggestions.

Talk a Walk

If you’re an exercise newbie, start working out by walking. Take a daily walk to burn calories and kick off your weight loss plan. Once your body gets used to walking every day, you may have more physical strength to start an exercise program that transforms your body and follow a healthy diet along with your workout plan.

Consume Healthy Fats

You may not think that a weight loss plan includes fatty foods, but you should eat foods that are rich in healthy fats that will help you keep the pounds off. If you deprive your body of fat, your body will start using the fat stored in your body as fuel. This can cause you to reach a plateau in your weight loss. Studies indicate that avocado, nuts, and olive oil contain beneficial fats that help you lose weight faster. Try including snacks like guacamole and trail mix in your diet and prepare your food with olive oil to get the nutrients you need to support your weight loss efforts. Use a free macro calculator to keep track of the calories and fats you’re consuming so you can make adjustments to your diet as needed.

Include More Fiber In Your Diet

Fiber will make you fuller quicker and improves your digestion. Fiber also helps lower and balance your blood sugar levels so your body can better maintain healthy glucose levels. Include fruits, whole grains, beans, and vegetables in your meals each day to ensure you’re getting enough fiber in your diet. Create a meal plan for yourself based on the fiber-rich foods you love so you’ll be more likely to maintain a healthy diet. It’s also a good idea to purchase cookbooks or look at recipe tutorials online to find out how to make delicious meals that are high in fiber.

Cut Out the Sugar

Eating excessive sugar makes it challenging to lose weight. Sugar can also increase your likelihood of developing chronic health conditions like diabetes or heart disease. Sweet drinks like fruit juices and soda have lots of sugar. Eating processed foods and candy instead of whole grains and fresh produce will also rob your body of the nutrients it needs. Look at the sugar content of your food and drinks before consuming them. Choose fresh-pressed juices that are low-sugar and choose snacks that are sugar-free like yogurt, fruit, or nuts. It’s also a good idea to include more water throughout the day to flush impurities and excess sugar out of your body. These snacks help to satisfy your hunger but keep you from consuming too much sugar during the day.

Reduce Your Distractions

If you want to make sure you’re following your health plan consistently, it’s important to get rid of some of the distractions in your life. Don’t eat in front of the TV; when you’re watching your favorite shows, you’re not paying attention to how much you eat. Consume your food at the table with family so you’ll consume a balanced meal without looking at the TV or your phone. Getting small plates is another effective way to avoid eating too much. When you have less space to fill up on your plate, you can consume a complete meal and feel full without overeating. 

Incorporate these tips into your life slowly so you can develop habits that will help you prioritize your health. Keep a journal of your progress so you’ll know which aspects of your health you need to work on. Simple things like cooking one home-cooked meal a week until you work your way up to homemade meals every day or adding one new vegetable or fruit to your diet each week can give you more energy and make it easier for you to lose weight and keep it off.

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