4 Dangers of Older Office Buildings You Need to Address for Employee Health


Over the past few years, cities around the nation have provided developers incentives for restoring older buildings within the community. Many of these buildings were converted into office buildings. Although these types of moves to restore neighborhoods have worked, there are hidden disadvantages that are not promoted. The following includes four dangers of older office buildings you need to address to protect your staff’s health.

The Presence of Asbestos

The beauty of converting an older building into an office is that little work is needed to accomplish the design. This makes it unlikely that any walls have been torn down or even inspected in great detail. One of the dangers of this is that an older building, especially one built before 1980, may have asbestos within it. Asbestos, when airborne, can be extremely dangerous to a person’s health. That is why you must have an asbestos removal service company come in both to investigate and remove any asbestos before your staff arrives.

Lead Paint

One of the best things about an older building is being able to work within a space that contains incredible architecture. Everything from the windows to the door frames contains character and reason why so many companies flock to these types of buildings. However, it is these same types of features that can pose a danger to your staff. That is because when these items were created, they were often coated with lead paint. Lead paint, when touched or inhaled, can pose a danger to a person’s health. As a result, your employees could potentially develop brain damage, kidney issues, and even infertility. Even if it means sacrificing the nicer old embellishments on your office walls, employee health is more important and any trace of this paint should be removed.

Outdated Electric System

Today’s machines utilize a lot of energy, and therefore homes and modern office buildings are created with electrical systems that can sustain that. On the other hand, older buildings may not have had an update since their last tenants left. So suddenly, bringing in a staff of people with large copiers, laptops, computers can not only fry your wiring but can pose a danger if a fire breaks out or someone gets electrocuted.

Risk of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide has unfortunately taken the lives of many throughout the years. Carbon monoxide is called the “silent killer” because it is both odorless and colorless. In many cases, by the time people begin to feel the need to get out, it will be too late. Older buildings have a higher risk of having this issue because they often utilize older appliances that may have been neglected for years.

The list above includes just a few of the dangers that older buildings pose to a large staff. Although landlords are supposed to take care of these types of issues before tenants arrive, it is always recommended to conduct your own inspection before bringing in a large number of people into the space.

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