Security Tips For Small Businesses


Cyberattacks are a significant threat for small businesses because they usually do not have the security infrastructure of larger companies. As a part of your operations that is critical to your company’s survival, there are several security steps a small business owner can take to avoid expensive data breaches and protect sensitive information. Here are a few cybersecurity tips that can benefit any small business owner.

Mandate that employees must use unique passwords that are at least 10 characters long and include symbols, numbers, and upper- and lower-case letters. Consider putting multi-factor authentication in place, which requires information beyond a password in order to enter databases and servers. Advise employees to never share their passwords with co-workers.

Hackers can infiltrate your computer network through apps that haven’t been updated. Prioritize installing software updates and patches for applications and operating systems as soon as they are made available. Be sure to regularly back up important data on all computers, including databases, human resource and finance files, electronic spreadsheets, word processing documents, and more. Store the copies off-site, in a safe or in the cloud.

Employees can accidentally cause breaches if they aren’t trained properly. Creating basic security practices and policies can help them understand how to utilize company resources and follow security protocols. Establish rules that describe how to handle and safeguard customer information and other vital data. You may also want to detail penalties for violating company cybersecurity policies.

If you have a Wi-Fi network for your company, make sure it is secure, encrypted and hidden. Program the router so the network name cannot be seen. If customers or clients need to access Wi-Fi, you can set up a guest account that has different security measures. This prevents customers from having access to your main network.

For more ways you can improve security at your small business, see the accompanying infographic.

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