Data Protection Measures For Your Company


As the digital landscape deepens its ties to industry, there are many different factors that business owners should consider as they utilize a digital infrastructure to conduct business. One of the main concerns with using software and online programs is internet safety. Everyday, more than 200,000 attacks are targeted toward businesses, which can lead to leaked personal information of consumers, as well as secure business information. Not only can a lack of digital security threaten the perception of your company, but it can also destabilize the infrastructure of your business. Digital security is serious business for your company, as it’s a critical element of keeping your company’s data and the data of your consumers secure. If you’re looking for tips on how you can take steps toward prioritizing your digital security, this article is for you. 

Software Integrated Threat Prevention Tools

The use of software and cloud management services is at the core of the current trend in business practices. An important element to keeping information safe is to integrate specific security measures for your company’s more commonly used software. The tools that you will use will be unique to the specific kind of software that your company uses, but some of the most commonly used pieces of software include things like Quickbooks. Quickbooks add ons have a variety of different security measures including security awareness training, simplified PCI compliance, and card data breach protection. These tools will ensure that your financial and consumer information is stored safely.

Password Management

The most common cyber attacks could have been prevented with stronger security measures by users themselves.  Passwords are one of the most sought-after pieces of information for hackers looking to steal data, because it can lead to access to many different websites and a lot of data with just one wrong move from the users. This is why password strength is something you hear talked about so often when it comes to both personal and company-wide cyber security. If you want your business to be safer, it’s important that cyber security and digital education is a common practice in your company so that employees are equipped to deal with digital security right at the gate. 

Establish Firewall Protection

Using a network in your company makes it easier for your employees to delegate tasks, work together, and create channels for communication. However, these same networks that are at the core of the digital infrastructure of your business can create holes in your digital security, which opens channels to your sensitive information. Setting up a firewall is crucial for every company running on a network because it controls the internet traffic on your network.

Use More Encryption

As more companies deal with attackers on a daily basis, there have been huge advancements in cyber security measures. One of the most reliable ways that you can protect sensitive data is to invest in encryption software. Encrypting your devices simply means that information is encoded until the appropriate measures are taken to access that information. Encrypting your devices such as hard drives, USBs, phones, and more will ensure that when data is transferred to the cloud, there isn’t room for attackers to access sensitive information. 

Employee Education 

Humans are the singular most common reasons as to why so many attackers are successful in their attempts to steal information. There are many reasons for this, including the speed at which technology is updated. However, if your company has a lot of sensitive information, it’s crucial that you teach your employees how to navigate the digital landscape to protect your business from unwanted attacks and the leaking of private information. By establishing workshops and implementing regulations for your employees, your company, consumer data, and their personal information will stay safer. Make sure that you underline the importance of digital security and digital literacy for the safety of your company to get the best results from your employees. 


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