Tips to Make Your Elevator Pitch Perfect


It is a common joke that salespeople are always ready to sell their products to anyone who will listen to them, but there is a grain of truth inside of this joke. Selling your products or your business is not a part-time job and you might be surprised at the situations where you might be called upon to deliver the perfect elevator pitch to a future business partner.

Even if you are going to be making your pitch at a set time and place, you will still need to craft the perfect elevator pitch so that you can describe your company in a short speech that is effective and compelling. It is not enough to just explain a few facts about your company. You need to make the other parties in the room interested in what your organization does and what it stands for.

If you are ready to learn about how to make your elevator pitch-perfect, read on!

Tips to Make Your Elevator Pitch Perfect

1.     Create a Goal

You know that you need to get other people interested in your pitch and your business, but that is too general of a goal. This is the kind of short speech that requires a laser focus on your goal for making it. You cannot just provide generic details about your company if you want people to feel engaged and interested in it.

To craft the perfect elevator pitch, figure out what the goal of your elevator speech is first. What is the most important information that you need to relay to meet this goal? If you are trying to make the ethos of your company stand out most when you are pitching it, make sure that you are clear about this being your goal. Likewise, if you are trying to explain your sustainability processes as the core of your business strategy, make sure that the details of your pitch meet this goal.

2.     Decide What You Want People to Remember

There is only so much information that your listeners will take away from your pitch. You want to be sure that you are not sharing too much information all at once. This is where targeting the information that you feel is most important can help you to refine your speech. 

If you want your listeners to remember your sustainability processes, make sure that you summarize them effectively and early on in the pitch. The things that people hear first will be the items that they will be the most likely to remember afterward.

Being strategic with the information that you deliver is just as important as hitting on all of the relevant interesting details about your company.

3.      Define Your Unique Selling Proposition

This is the heart of any good elevator pitch and you must have this information locked down if you want your elevator pitch to work. The Unique Selling Proposition of your pitch needs to demonstrate quickly and effectively that your business is unique.

If you have created a unique zero-waste business model or you have leveraged older technologies to create an improved product, make sure that this is the center of your Unique Selling Proposition. Experienced potential business people will focus on this factor since it is the most important item from an investor’s perspective. 

Even if you meet a future business partner on a plane while you are flying to a business meeting, you will need to be clear about the USP of your business or product idea if you want to generate interest and investment.

4.     Use an Engaging Question

Asking a directed question that engages your audience can bring them in after you deliver your USP to them. This can be a statement like, “So, how has your business been handling their recycling needs?” 

This is where you can deliver a closing statement that answers the question or you might be able to reply to your audience with examples of how you can solve this problem for them. Try to make sure that you can answer any questions that are asked with authority and ease. You need to be an expert on every single detail of your pitch and the way that your product or service works if you want to sell it to people.

5.     Practice Reading it Out Loud

Hearing your pitch out loud will show you areas that you can improve your language or your approach. It’s even better if you can work on refining your elevator pitch with a friend or business partner.

The perfect elevator pitch is no more than 20 or 30 seconds! This is a small amount of time to get a lot of information across to others. That is why it’s so important to practice and cut out bits that are not efficient or are not as targeted as they could be.

Hearing your pitch out loud will show you areas that sound weak or are poorly worded. It will also help you time out the pitch. You might be able to read much faster than you can speak, so it is important to say the words out loud to make sure that you are not running over your ideal time limit. 

Always consider your body language as you are practicing. You want to seem confident, composed, and inviting. Any hint of frantic energy or aggressive or pushy demeanor will be off-putting to your audience.

Making Your Elevator Pitch Perfect Takes Practice and Editing

If you take the time to edit and review your elevator pitch, you will be much happier with how effective it is. There is nothing worse than missing the chance to work with an investor because you were not prepared to explain what your product or business does!

Always be armed with the most important details of your idea or your business model by developing the perfect elevator pitch. Delivering the perfect elevator pitch is always the first step to creating lasting and profitable business relationships and partnerships.

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