The Power Of A Property Floor Plan


When advertising a commercial or residential property for sale, buyers expect there to be some things in the listing as standard. Although photographs of the property and a description of it are both very useful and necessary things, on their own they are not fully sufficient to allow potential buyers to get a clear and precise understanding of the size, shape, and layout of the property being advertised.

Regardless of whether a property is being viewed in a printed brochure or online, the vast majority of property buyers expect to see certain key pieces of information which allow them to quickly and easily determine if a property is right for them. One of these things is a property floor plan.

These are useful as they provide important information pertaining to the size and scale of the rooms that are in the property, they give a visual indication of the property’s layout, and they allow you to see exactly how the space flows from one room to another. Seeing this provides buyers with a greater idea of whether or not they should go and view the property in person. This is especially true where they are relocating and have a long way to travel in order to view it.

Managing and organizing an in pearson viewing of a property is something that can be quite demanding and so it is only right that prospective buyers would want to make sure that the have all of the necessary information regarding the property, including a detailed floor plan, in order for them to determine if it is something that they should go and see it with their own eyes for themselves.

In addition to providing a visual image of the layout of the property for the purpose of imagining how the property will look prior to viewing it in person, a floor plan is also handy for giving buyers a quick reminder at a later date when they have likely viewed several other properties in a short space of time.

It could even be argued that floor plans are more useful to prospective buyers than what photographs of a property are, as they allow for a greater understanding of the suitability of a property in regards to its layout and its size.

Listing Boost

In order to fully understand just how important having a floor plan is for the success of a

property listing, you only need to take a look at the study that was conducted by a large online estate agent. As part of it, they looked at more than 10,000 individuals and found that greater than 50 percent of them would not view a property if it did not have a floor plan provided as part of the listing.

In addition to this, the study also found that some 78 percent of vendors said that floor plans are something that are highly important, giving them, on average, a 7 out of 10 when asked to rank their importance. Some individuals went even further than this, stating that they would completely ignore any property listings that do not come with a floor plan. It is no surprise to find out then that those properties that do come with a floor plan, have as much as 30 percent more views than those ones that do not have a floor plan. This is why more and more properties are including them on their listing.

Having a floor plan is a highly effective tool for the purpose of advertising a property, which is why most property agents nowadays ensure that any property that they are responsible for listing, whether that be offline or online, comes with a detailed floor plan. They are effective in cutting down on wasting time, given the fact that they provide prospective buyers with everything that they need in order to be able to establish if the property is one that they want to view in person or not.

Done Right

It is clear to see that having a floor plan on a property listing is essential if you want your property to reach its full potential in terms of sale price. Given this fact, it is a surprise then that so many property listings still do not include floor plans on them. This is especially true now that property agents have access to more floor plan software than ever before. However, that amount of choice can be off putting for some people, which is why they should read this article on things to look for when choosing a professional floor plan software.

Some of the better pieces of software have functionality so that one can be drawn up on a mobile device, such as a tablet. Because of this, it allows property agents to put one together quickly and whilst on the go, no matter where they are. It negates the need for having to initially draw one onto paper first whilst at the property and then taking it back to the office to use a desktop computer or laptop to draw it up officially using a specialist piece of software. It also looks more professional in front of a seller to be using an ipad to sketch a floor plan rather than a simple piece of paper.

The study mentioned earlier found that almost 43 percent of property sellers would not use a property agent that does not provide a floor plan as part of their standard package. This is because we now live in an age where information has become so much more fluid and so things like property floor plans are seen as a basic requirement that any prospective buyer, or even prospective renters for that matter, should be able to access.

A property agent that provides a detailed and well presented view of a property can expect to attract much more interest on their listings than those of property agents that do not include floor plans in their listings. This goes to show to truie power that a property floor plan has.

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