Learning how to Play Bingo Online


The bingo industry has seen a resurgence in recent years becoming more popular amongst all age groups and moving online. The biggest demographic used to be retirees, now it is the 25 to 44-year olds. To capture this market bingo has gone online and embraced more features like chat, side games and multiple cards. More people are finding the convenience of playing from the comfort of their own home and the speed of online games. See the coverage in the National Press.

The Attraction of Online Bingo.

There are 3 advantages online games have over physical bingo halls.

  • Faster games, instead of laying out 20 cards on your table and having to mark off the numbers with a big marker pen, online bingo marks them for you automatically. So, you can have a dozen cards on the go or even 100 cards increasing the speed and chances of winning.
  • More payment options to allow PayPal, credit cards and now cryptocurrencies. The more methods of depositing the more ready funds can be used for buying bingo games and this has been a big driver for online casinos in general.
  • Graphics and player interaction, having the social interaction of a physical venue, can be substituted with the banter and online chat and with better visuals, more players at each game this can be more stimulating. Good graphics, sound effects and music all add to the entertainment value. Did you know online bingo has coined its own language from the chat rooms, things like “well done winner” which is written as WDW and 1TG/2TG/3TG which is shorthand for how many numbers you have got left to match one to go, 2 to go etc.

How to choose the best Bingo Sites in the UK?

Some of the best bingo sites in the UK market are giving away special offers for new customers which is perfect if you are a new player and want to try out real money bingo online.

 One of the top-rated sites is Coral Bingo which gives new accounts £50 free bingo money and 150 free spins on their slots. Buzz Bingo is also rated 5 stars out of 5 and gives £60 in bonuses for only a £10 deposit. And if you do some research, you will find Bingo communities that review online bingo games with current offers, detailed reviews of the online bingo sites, bingo game developers and more useful information such as how to use the online bingo game bonuses.

A lot of the sites share the same software provider and these are reviewed too. Have a look at the various sites to see which one you like the look of and take advantage of their bonuses and new customer offers.

Types of Bingo Games and How to Play them.

There are usually only 4 variations on the bingo game, 90 ball, 80, 75 and 30 ball games and from these there are derivations on the game to create new types of bingo. The difference may be the name of the game, or the theme, but the rules are usually based on the number of balls and the grid size of your ticket.

The 90 ball games have, of course, 90 balls in the draw, and are played on cards that are 9 x 3 with 15 numbers for you to hit. All 15 give you the main prize, and the other prizes are if you match a line of numbers. 80 ball bingo or cover-all has a 4x 4 grid and 16 numbers, once all 16 numbers are marked the game ends, and there is usually only 1 prize for the first player to match all 16 numbers.

Finally, there is the quick and easy 30 ball game, where every player has just 9 numbers to match on a 3 x 3 card and the first one wins the only prize in the game.

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