5 Reasons why People Over 21 Should Consider Going Into Apprenticeship


There are numerous ways to build a thriving career in the modern business world, and going to college is but a single option in a sea of possibilities. While there is nothing wrong with the university life and choosing to undergo academic education, you can also choose a different path if your wish is to hit the ground running and join the workforce as soon as possible. In many industries around the world, business leaders are eager to invest in talented individuals who will put in the time, effort, and commitment necessary to learn some important skills and continue working for their company over the long term.

This is why you can nowadays find amazing apprenticeship programs in various sectors, ranging from automotive to healthcare, from construction to electrotechnology and engineering, horticulture, and many more. The possibilities are endless here, but it’s important to know exactly how apprenticeship can enrich your life and set you on the right path. Here are the top reasons why you should choose to go into apprenticeship, especially if you’re over 21.

Learn valuable skills with little to no debt

It’s never too late to kick-start a thriving career, you just need to make that all-important first step. What’s important to consider as an adult and someone who is over 21, is that going to college at this point in your life might not be a financially sensible idea, and that it doesn’t guarantee successful employment after years of studying. Apprenticeship, on the other hand, makes many promises that it can keep.

For one, apprenticeship does not accrue debt, whereas people leave school with tens of thousands of dollars of student debt that they will be paying off for years and decades to come. If you choose to become an apprentice at a company, though, you won’t be accruing debt, you will actually get paid to learn valuable skills, become a professional in the field, and set the foundation of a thriving career.

Earn a salary while you learn

Young adults are struggling to become financially independent nowadays in a world oversaturated with competition and an increasingly worrying trend where labor is increasingly becoming cheaper across the globe. People coming out of college are getting their hopes and expectations ruined by less-than-favorable working conditions for less-than-adequate financial compensation. This only worsens the problem of student debt and is putting young, talented adults at a severe disadvantage in the modern job market.

While apprenticeships are not the solution to the crisis, it’s still important to note that becoming an apprentice is a good way to offset many expenses and actually get paid to learn valuable skills. Your employer is bound by law to pay you a salary during the course of the apprenticeship program, and when it’s over, you will automatically become a full-time member of the company. 

Secure a great job at the company

Job security has nowadays become one the most troubling issues that young adults face, no matter how talented, hard-working, or passionate they are. Even without a pandemic, there is no longer a guarantee that you will be able to keep your job in the competitive business landscape, but your chances of retaining a job you love over the long term are higher if you go through an apprenticeship program. 

Modern employers are eager to invest in talent that will bring value to the company, and mature age apprenticeship programs around the world guarantee a position at the company when you finish your apprenticeship, ensuring your peace of mind. You can rest assured that you’ll be bypassing the competitive job market and go straight into full-time employment, allowing you to kick-start your career immediately.

Expand your professional network

One of the age-old problems that college students face is the inability to meet, network with, and build meaningful relationships with industry leaders and professionals in the field. The college lifestyle can take up most of your time and prevent you from expanding your real-world professional circle, which can leave you feeling alone and unable to progress when you graduate. 

An apprenticeship, on the other hand, gives you an opportunity to meet and socialize with industry professionals from day one. You will be able to expand your professional circle throughout the program, which will open many wonderful opportunities for you in the long run.

Gain real-world experience

Last but not least, it should go without saying that an apprenticeship gives you the real-world learning opportunities you simply can’t get with formal, academic education. No matter how many practical curriculums and excursions you may take during your studies, there is no denying that you can only truly learn the ropes by working in your chosen field.

While college graduates will inevitably struggle to find anything more than an entry-level position so that they can gain practical experience, you will have already accrued the real-world experience necessary to land you a great job. In fact, depending on the apprenticeship you choose, the program might be geared exactly to put you on a high-paying position in a couple of years’ time.

Over to you

Apprenticeship is not for everyone, and it’s not the solution to a global crisis affecting young adults around the world. However, it is a great long-term solution for many, so if you want to kick-start your career as a young adult over 21, be sure to consider becoming an apprentice in 2021.

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