The Amenities Checklist for Your Next Luxury Home

Living the good life is not something to be taken lightly. We all know how hard it is to put our family in a position of comfort and one where they are well taken care of. That being said, it is perfectly justifiable for us to seek not only the best but the most luxurious when it comes to choosing our next home.

Luxury represents the dreams and the things we work hard for our whole life. That is why in the ever-evolving world of luxury real estate trends, homeowners and buyers are taking their hunt for their next luxury home more seriously. 

There is nothing wrong with looking out for the best and more for ourselves, especially in this time of crisis. With that out of the way, here is a luxury checklist to help you trim down your choices for your next luxury home. 

  1. Resort-Like Spaces
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The best resort-like spaces are those that can adapt to both relaxation for solitary purposes and social functions with families and friends. A pool is essential, as it is synonymous with everything living in a resort stands for: rest, relaxation, and a laid-back lifestyle.

  1. Fitness and Sports Facilities
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In a time when confinement is mandatory, it is important that your next luxury home is equipped with the right spaces and facilities for fitness and sports activities. Not only are these great for those fitness buffs out there, but also for everyone seeking to live a healthier life. 

This is increasingly becoming essential as we learn that health should be at the very top of our priorities.

  1. Recreational Open-Outdoor Spaces
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Apart from the spaces mentioned above that cater to specific lifestyles, having wide and open recreational outdoor spaces is also necessary. This is great because having just a wide area for yourself is a luxury in itself. It can also be used for different purposes like functions, parties, and even just an area where you can bond with your family and play tag with the kids. 

Garden landscapes are not only a great stress reliever but they make your luxury home more eco-friendly and sustainable as well.

  1. An All-in-One Dining Room
Kitchen and Dining Area

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Moving inside, we have the dining room, the centrepiece to any luxury home. Whatever appetite or diet you have, food is a luxury. Pairing it along with a great set-up and fashionable countertop is a must. Anybody else seeking luxury who thinks otherwise may not understand that great food must have a great environment fit for sharing with great family and friends.

  1. A Home Theatre
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Who wouldn’t want a theatre in their home? Whether you enjoy doing some improv with close friends or watching a classic Christmas movie with the family, having a theatre room where you can chomp down on some popcorn is essential to living the good life we all deserve.

  1. A Work Room 
Turned-off Silver Imac

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As work-from-home engagements increasingly become an alternative, having an indoor office where you can sort out your emails and quietly accomplish all webinars is truly a luxury. Living a luxurious life needs money to maintain it, and having your own office at home where you can work in your jammies is nothing short of success.

  1. A Cozy Game Room
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After you sweat out the work that needs to be put into living a luxurious life, unloading the stress you’ve accumulated is also essential. This is why having a game room where you can loosen up and just ball out on Pacman or VR games can be the closest thing you get to being a kid—a luxury most of us would give everything up for to experience again.

  1. Mini-bar or Home Bars
White Wooden Modular Kitchen

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Whether it be a glass of wine or a just can of good old beer, having an area where you can drink on your own and get buzzed after a long day is necessary to anyone hustling on a daily basis. Luxury can be translated to just being given the time to unwind on your own or talk out problems with good friends over a bottle or two.

  1. Luxury Bathrooms
Modern bathroom interior with freestanding tub

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Nothing speaks luxury like sitting in a pristine bathtub with the music on while drinking the wine you prepared in the home bar. This may not be possible if you don’t have a spacious bathroom that can be filled up with all the little lotions and creams you need. 

Luxury bathrooms are not only perfect for unwinding but also a great setting for those seeking to spice up their relationship by having a constant romance hub.

  1. Accessibility and Location
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Last but most certainly not the least, have your house located in the best part of the city where all of your friends and family can easily get to. This factors in those who are always on the go as well, whether it be for business or doing errands. 

It is important to note that the best parts of the city should also be accessible from where you are living, so when you get the itch to go out and party, it won’t be a hassle at all to either book a car or drive out yourself. 

Live Like Royalty

Putting all of these together, you now have at your hand the guide to all of the essentials you should look for when it comes to choosing your next casa de lujo. Feel free to interchange some elements as we all have our own ideas of luxury because remember, this is your kingdom, and you are the king or queen.

About the Author

Serene Yu is the Vice President of New Manila San Juan, the premiere real estate marketplace for luxury properties in the Philippines. Serene is a well-versed writer and marketer that enjoys keeping up with the latest trends in real estate, interior design, and technology. Outside work she enjoys travelling, cooking, and baking.

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