Tips on Creativity from Visionary Women


Photo by Frans Van Heerden from Pexels

Creativity is an important skill to nurture, both in the workplace and in personal life. Whether you’re writing music, sculpting clay, painting scenes, or designing buildings, artistic activities are fulfilling and exciting, and they can enhance your performance at work even if you aren’t employed in a creative field. 

To fuel your own creative ventures, it’s important to remember the major benefits of creativity on work performance. We will discuss each benefit along with uplifting quotes from successful creative icons from various artistic career paths.

  1. Creativity Improves Problem Solving

Practicing creativity can help you become a better problem solver. Working through solutions and improvements while making art can encourage unique modes of thinking and empower you to come up with innovative solutions to different problems. 

“Everything changes so quickly, and what is state-of-the-art one moment won’t be the next. Adaptation has to be ongoing — we have to know and accept this.” – Charlotte Perriand

Influential architect Charlotte Perriand’s words can remind us that problem solving and innovative thinking are essential in our modern world, and creative thinking can help us stand out with unique and adaptive solutions. 

  1. Creativity Fosters Independence

Pursuing our own creative projects helps us build a sense of independence. Finishing a painting, putting the final touches on a design, or coming up with an idea no one else has thought of are all self-empowering acts, and can encourage confidence and leadership. 

“The easiest way to show what you can do is to do it on your own.” -Greta Magnusson-Grossman

Swedish furniture designer Greta Magnusson-Grossman exhibited powerful independence when she immigrated to the United States in the 1940s and became the only female designer in Los Angeles to own her own design practice. Her words are a reminder to develop your own unique voice in all creative endeavors. 

  1. Creativity Enhances Productivity

Creative activities can lead you to be more productive. A creative vision sparks enthusiasm, hard work, and a strong desire to succeed and deliver.

“You can’t sit around and wait for somebody to say who you are. You need to write it and paint it and do it.” -Faith Ringgold

Faith Ringgold is a famous American painter who uses a variety of mediums, such as sculptures and narrative quilts, to comment on racial inequality. Her advice shows her willingness to work towards her goals instead of waiting for direction and pushes from others.

  1. Creativity Relieves Stress

Finally, creative tasks can be stress-relieving. For many, the act of making something new or solving a problem allows you to “get in the zone” and focus on a goal, reducing stress and anxiety. 

“I think everything we do should have whimsy in it.” – Judith Leiber

Fashion icon Judith Leiber is well known for her coveted, crystal-covered handbags that are both luxury accessories and playful pieces of art. Her quote shows a desire for fun and personality in everything she creates. 
For more inspiring quotes from famous female creatives, see the infographic by 1stDibs below. These women have left their mark on the world with incredible designs, and their words of wisdom can help inspire you to chase after your own creative spark.

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