How to Find the Right Supplies for Your Business’s New Project


When you are thinking about starting a building project for your business, one of the first things you should do is to decide where you will get the supplies and materials and how much they will cost. Although your first thought might be to order everything new online and have the order shipped, you may be able to find supplies quicker and cheaper in your own area. Here are some options to consider.

Abandoned Buildings

Abandoned or unoccupied professional buildings in the area could offer cheap or free fixtures and materials that are no longer needed. The owner may be planning to have the building demolished or be willing to sell usable supplies before selling the building outright. Contact the realtor representing properties in your area to ask about any available building supplies like stair rails, bricks, or light fixtures that are no longer wanted.

Thrift Shops

Sometimes you can find great deals on used or donated new building materials at local thrift shops. People who renovate their homes or offices occasionally give their older fixtures that are still in good condition to second-hand shops instead of throwing them out. Wallpaper remnants and leftover paint, sometimes unopened, are among the many kinds of supplies you might be able to find at a fraction of their cost when new.

Construction Companies

Another potential source of building materials and supplies could be area construction companies and contractors. They often buy what they need in bulk to ensure they have enough of the same item in the right color and price. The leftovers might be saved for another job or donated to a thrift store. Contact local companies to see if they have extras of what you need. You might land a great deal.

DIY Stores

The popular DIY home building supply stores offer a full range of building needs. What they don’t have in the store can probably be ordered for you. Ask about rebates or upcoming sale events to get the lowest price. You will likely have to pay additional fees for delivery and to remove any current fixtures that you plan to replace in your business. You may be offered an extended warranty on new items, and you can decide if that option is right for you.

Finding affordable building materials is not difficult with several possible sources to check. It doesn’t hurt to make a few phone calls or browse online to get the best deal on the products you need.

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