Challenges US Military Veterans May Face In 2021


Each generation of military veterans may experience a different set of challenges. Some problems may remain the same through the years also. Either way it is best to account for everything, anticipating all the possible hardships before they are ever experienced.

This type of crucial decision-making may continue long after the veteran’s active duty has ended and evolve when reemerging into civilian life. But what are these difficulties that should be expected? How can military personnel strategize in dealing with them?

Racial Inequality

Racial inequalities are an historical issue, and the military is not immune to prejudice.

The data published last year around military minorities showed that not only were fewer minority demographics serving in the military, but that they were also underrepresented in officer ranks of high standing. This was concerning considering that black Americans were recorded as enlisting at higher rates. Minorities were also projected as being more likely to sustain severe injuries during their service, due to assuming more frontline roles.

These injustices should be addressed where they are identified. Veterans could file any concerns with their higher-ups or take reports of harassment and discrimination further up the chain of command if initially met with resistance. Only by exposing these behaviors can change be expected.

Civilian Life

Reengaging with civilian life is a challenge many military veterans may be soon expected to face. This is due to President Joe Biden’s announcement that all US troops would withdraw from Afghanistan by September 11th 2021, with the process having already begun in getting these soldiers home.

Some military veterans may choose to go back to school and change careers once they are home. It could be a good idea to gain new qualifications, overhaul the resume, and explore exciting new work opportunities. Before all of this, though, it may first be prudent to visit counsellors and therapists to nurture one’s mental and emotional wellbeing. That way, military veterans can put their best foot forward when reclaiming their future.

Settling Down

Going through the motions of civilian life is one thing but finding a place to truly settle down in could perhaps be considered another. Feelings of contentment may only come from having a true place to call home. Military veterans travel the globe for the sake of their goals, and while renting can be nice, investments in real estate could make armed services personnel finally feel a measure of peace.

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