4 Ways to Keep Your Employees and Products Safe From Contamination


If you are concerned about keeping your company premises and people safe from viral or bacterial contamination, there are several things you can do that are cost effective and easy to implement. Consider making the following adjustments at your worksite to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Social Distancing

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues or during the flu season, it is a good idea to separate your employees by six feet or more. Maintaining a safe distance between individuals can help to minimize the risk of catching a serious illness from a coworker. Similar distancing policies should be applied to customers or visitors to the facility to help prevent the spread of germs. Some companies mark the floor with colorful tape or signs to indicate where people should stand if a line forms.


More than ever, it is a good idea to keep antibacterial wipes and cleaning supplies on hand for every area of the company. A quick wipe of a contaminated surface or the hands of the person processing potentially contaminated equipment or products can reduce the spread of viruses. Cleaning supplies for desks, floors, and other surfaces that could be carrying germs should also be readily accessible for employees’ use.

Protective Gear and Equipment

While you can mandate employees to wear masks and keep extras on hand for anyone who forgets to bring one, you might want to invest in more substantial protection. Some public employees wear face masks as well as work behind sneeze shields to more completely protect their faces as well as those of coworkers and customers. Sneeze shields are available in several sizes and are often made of plexiglass. They protect people on both sides against sneezes, coughs, and other possible contaminants. The sneeze shields should be frequently cleaned with a sanitizing product.

Reminder Signage

Post sings in conspicuous areas reminding everyone to stay home if they have common symptoms of COVID-19 or other contagious illnesses. Signs can also point to the cleaning supplies and sanitizing wipes as well as indicate where people should sit or stand to maintain safe social distancing. A reminder to wear a mask should be posted at the entrance to the company. You might also want to send a weekly e-mail message to all employees that reminds them of these important and required safety practices.

Requiring basic health and safety techniques like these should be fairly simple and easy to do.

This is especially the time when most people are already following these protocols in public due to state mandates or common practice. Helping to keep everyone safe at work is essential, and people will appreciate your efforts in helping them to stay healthy.

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