3 Inventive Hobbies That Could be Profitable


All of us have wondered at some point in our lives whether our free time could actually be spent making us more money. While it’s not recommended to completely forego personal time for self-care and fun hobbies, there’s no reason why your hobbies can’t function as a side hustle as well as bringing you joy and relaxation. Getting in touch with your creative side and blowing off steam from all the stress of your regular job could just as well serve you in generating some pocket money to treat yourself. Here are some fun, creative and inventive hobbies which could put a few extra dollars in your bank account.

Stained Glass

Your mind might automatically be leaning towards beautiful church windows, but that’s not the be-all and end-all of stained glass. On top of being quite a relaxing and even therapeutic activity, you can create some amazing and beautiful products with stained glass. From wall décor to lanterns and even jewellery, you can create to your heart’s desire and start your very own home business selling your creations. You may need some help initially and some lessons to get you started on this journey, but the reward of creating beautiful and eye-catching pieces will be well worth the effort. This hobby will also need a bit of financial input to get you started. You’ll want to invest in some tools like a glass grinder and a JBC soldering station, but once you have the equipment you’ll be set to go. 


If you’re a person who enjoys working with their hands, a great option to look into is creating and selling beautiful ceramic products. This is yet another hobby that will require you to invest in some lessons, as well as some equipment – like a kiln and a potter’s wheel – but the market for handmade crockery and home décor is ever-growing, which means you’ll be making a profit in no time. Whether you create pots for plants, beautiful bowls and plates, trinket trays, vases or all of the above, this creative and relaxing hobby can bring some extra money into your back pocket if you market yourself right and to the right people, like foodies and home enthusiasts through social media sites like Instagram. 

Soap Making

We all need soap for the sole purpose of staying squeaky clean but adding a little bit of luxe to a hygiene routine is something that very few people will turn their noses up at. Especially in today’s era where people are becoming hyper-aware of the chemicals pumped into the hygiene and beauty products they use on their skin, a demand for a more natural replacement is booming. Creating natural soaps is a fun and creative way to meet this demand and the opportunities are endless. Using different essential oils to create interesting scents, incorporating elements for exfoliating soaps and experimenting with different oils and kinds of milk to create a luxurious hydrating product will bring you some inner peace and your customers some peace of mind. 

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