From Diapers to Meetings: Parenting Crisis In a Time Of Pandemic [2021 Study]


When the Covid-19 pandemic turned the world upside down in early 2020, most parents were muscled to balance work and parenting responsibilities, leaving behind their work-life balance and personal space.Working a double shift of work, childcare, and household duties have been commonplace for countless working parents.

However, not having access to institutions of formal childcare, the current situation has been a constant struggle for many.The last few months have been a challenge for the working parents. An abnormal situation has put them on the verge and forced them to act not only as caregivers and breadwinners but also as educators. And it seems that their status in the workforce could only get worse with time.

That’s why at MyPerfectResume, they decided to ask 200+ working parents in the US—who have been balancing parenting and work during the start of the pandemic—about their needs, fears, and greatest challenges to better understand their current situation in the workforce.

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